Ten grounds you must visit

Shahbaz Khan Niazi
Shahbaz Khan Niazi

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The second name given to football is the beautiful game. Speaking artistically, the field is like a large, black canvas that is waiting to be filled by the individual players.

It is that point where we see style and spirit among the individuals who like to show vast and vivid talents to the patriots. However, this is the time where we see a combination of power, motivation, and determination with skills, passion, and aptitude.

Lastly, here are some of the finest, beautiful, and elegant stadiums in the whole world that you should know off.

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10. Soccer City Stadium, South Africa

It was opened back in 1989 named as National Bank Stadium, later on, it was named Soccer City. Back in 2009, it was refurnished for the great event of the 2010 FIFA world cup in South Africa. Hence, moving towards the national home stadium it is known for Kaiser Chiefs home ground


9. The Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro

One of the most notable stadiums in the whole world is Maracana located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


8. San Siro, Italy

Firstly, located in north Italy, also known as the home ground of the Italian heavyweights and bitter rivals AC-Milan and Internazionale. Secondly, Italian football is the most famous and has the most loving stadium.


7. Anfield Road, United Kingdom

As they say, size does not matter, what matters is how many memories are cherished here. However, this is not a big stadium in terms of capacity but many have embedded strong potential and lifted huge trophies. Lastly, this is what makes the home of Liverpool, yet they say you’ll never walk alone.


6. Santiago Bernabeu, Spain

Talking about the most successful clubs in the world, Santiago is the name on the top of this list. However, they have engraved 9 league titles and thirteen Champions league. Finally, they have already placed their name on the top of the table and are still embarking on to secure more wins.


5. Azteca – Mexico

Who remembers the Hand of God? Well certainly we all do, right? For every English fan hand of god is a remarkable time in history.

This stadium is located in Mexico for its huge capacity of all most 104,000 and a fully electric environment when full to its last seat. Azteca is the largest and has one of the finest grounds when it comes to international matches


4. Camp Nou, Spain

It’s more than a club, mes que un club, with the capacity of 98,757 makes it one of the great football teams and has one of the finest football grounds. However, the iconic chant is played in a variety of instruments around the ground. Back in 1982, Camp Nou surpluses 120,000 seats in the 1982 world cup but due to changes in law and regards standings in the stadium have been reduced


3. Old Trafford, United Kingdom

Theater of dreams, where talent meets opportunity and makes it one of the finest venues to play football. Additionally, it’s a love-hate bond between the spectator and the team, as there is no hiding point in this. Hence, it was first opened in 1910 and was named Red Devils.


2. The Allianz Arena, Germany

Who can forget this giant! When it comes to fusball, you can not German giants walk away. Hence, this giant is located in Munich, regarded to the team named, Bayern Munich formed in 1860. However, the color of the stadium matches it perfectly.


1.Wembley, United Kingdom

How can we forget about this galactic? Located in the heart of London, with a capacity of 90,000 no doubt the iconic stadium in the world. It was reopened right after the 2006 world cup after the 1923 old version of Wembley stadium.


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