Why Go Glamping And 5 Sites That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Why Go Glamping And 5 Sites That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Learn everything about glamping, the new travel trend and some of the best places to choose as your next glamping vacation.

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Have you ever had that uncontrollable desire to just go into the wild outdoors? Don’t you want to go out and enjoy the crisp fresh air? How many times has it been that you thought of being in the open, however, simultaneously avoid the insects or improper living conditions you know you cannot survive in. Glamping is this way of vacation that gives a taste of the wilderness while also enjoying luxuries and amenities.


What is glamping

Glamping is the new and more modern way of camping. In other words, it provides you the conveniences, extravagances and the safety of a home as a result letting you relax in the nature. The term was coined by combining the words glamorous and camping. The living condition is more advanced than the typical tent camping with basic necessities. Glamping is the break in a properly built accommodation that is more durable and sustainable than a tent. It has the comforts of a home like full size beds, proper bathrooms and cooking facilities.

Glamping Vs Camping

Camping is the traditional experience of the outdoors and nature. It means stripping yourself to the basic necessities of daily life like food and shelter. The survival in the woods, sleeping directly under the stars in sleeping bag seem relaxing for those who simply want a get-away from the city’s fast life. However, for other people it can be enjoying the wilderness but with added comforts.

Glamping is different in accommodation, with proper constructed shelters that are provided with electricity, hot water, and bathrooms. It also involves sleeping in a comfortable cushioned bed instead of a sleeping bag. Glamorous camping is the perfect balance between comfort and the wilderness.

Glamping accommodations

Glamping yurts


These are small, wooden structures that provide the shelter from the possible weather. The pods have a simple interior, with a basic double bed and allows space for more items like sofas, bathrooms and a kitchenette.


These are large circular tents with a wooden frame, canvas walls and a roof. The yurts are more durable under severe weather conditions. Due to their similarity with a regular camping tent, they are the most chosen accommodation when people switch from camping to glamping. Yurts hold beds, sofas, stoves and are large enough to accommodate families.

Glamping cabins

The cabins are properly constructed wooden structure that provide a sense of being home. It sports multiple set of rooms, living room, bathroom and even a kitchen. These are the most safest option to consider for living even if you want to enjoy the outdoors. The more you pay, the more luxurious your cabin will be.


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Glamping sites that are a must in England

Park hall Glamping Sites, Derbyshire

The Park hall pods offer complete view of the vicinity because of their construction on elevated structures. The construction of the pods brings luxury in mind. The site offer hot tubs, a decking area and a fire pit, for the complete relaxation time. The pods are small however, still sport a kitchenette, fridge and oven for whipping up a treat. Fields surround the site and is the perfect way to wind down from work and go off the grid to loosen up.

Paddock wild camp, Cornwall

That is to say, If you are looking for that vacation time at the beach while enjoying campfires and tents, then paddock camp is the best choice for you. The canvas tents with a king size bed offer the comfort for sleeping after a long day at the beach. They have hot and cold showers= facilities. They provide cutlery and cooking gear with a firepit outside the tent. The site is perfect for glamping in small groups or for that personal time with your partner.

Coastal Cabins, Bideford

These coastal cabins by the lakeside offer a tranquil retreat with your family. Beds and bunk beds are available to provide the comfort of a home in the cabins, for your perfect family time. There is a living space and sleeping area with an added kitchenette. The white cabins with huge windows provide and airy and comfortable feel adding to your sense of relaxation. New extravagant additions to the facilities include firepits, a spa and hot tub. To summarize the paragraph, these cabins are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while keeping it rich.

Hoots Treehouse, East Sussex

If you are looking to be right in the center of wildlife and want that exquisite experience, the treehouses in Rother Valley, Sussex, are the right choice for your escape. Inside is a double bed with a mezzanine that has beds for children. Additionally, there is a kitchenette but on this vacation most can ask for a cooked meal outside on the deck. A set bathroom with towels and a shower is available in the same treat. Enjoy the adventure of treehouse living with a touch of extravagance.

Camp Katur, north Yorkshire

As we consider one of the best locations, Camp Katur is a collage of various camping sites and that is exactly what makes it special. You have a myriad of options to choose the perfect glamping site. Firstly, there is a meadow that has glamping pods, yurts and tents, all tailored to suit your accommodation needs. Secondly, one of the most exciting site is the hill farms that are known for transparent large geodome tents. Accordingly, you can have the ultimate star gazing experience along with the heavenly view of the hills.

Glamping Geodome

In order to take full advantage of a transparent geodome, the famous site Chestnut hill, holds the highest quality accommodation. Glamping lodges are available on this hill as well, which are most suitable to your family vacations. What sets apart this site from all other glamping spots is the wide range of services. The camp has a park, pub, children’s area and pathways for your long walks.

To conclude the article, glamping is the established choice for anyone looking to find an escape from the fast life into the countryside, breathing the fresh air while finding yourself with the features you would have in a city hotel. The glamping sites are a dream come true for that vacation you have been seeking. It is the getaway from the stressors of daily life to find yourself in glamorous camping in the wild. It is exactly what you need right now.

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