An insight into the world of Best Escape Rooms

Haneen Gul
Haneen Gul

Here is an insight into the world of escape room. Would you dare try this thrilling adventure? Give it a read and let me know.

Have you ever imagined yourself in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes or Thomas from the movie, The Maze Runner? Living and experiencing their lives would keep your adrenaline rushing for sure. Whether it is finding clues or looking for answers to decipher the puzzle; it all seems almost nonexistent, impractical, and movie-like. Sometimes , we imagine ourselves in similar situations and picture the whole scenario in our minds. However, there is a way to experience all that in real life through an escape room. You can become your own Sherlock Holmes and solve puzzles.


What is an Escape Room?

Sometimes the daily grind of our routine work makes us want to escape the tedious pattern. The escape room is providing the exact gateway needed to have a carefree and adventurous experience. An escape room is an unordinary room that gives you an experience of a lifetime. As the name suggests, escape room allows you to solve puzzles, crack codes and find clues that will help you escape the room in a limited time of 60 minutes, 90 minutes or more. In addition to that, an escape room makes you feel like participating in a Hollywood movie that gives you a thriller experience.

Best Escape Room in LA

Similarly, the adventure in an escape room begins with a background story to build the participant’s interest. Players complete a series of tasks ,in a certain time frame. The narration and background of the story is reflective in the escape room’s design. Moreover, the room is full of props, secret passages, hidden codes, as well as scare jumps to keep the experience realistic. To upraise the thrilling adventure, some escape rooms also play background music that depends on its theme. If the participants fail to escape the room within the given time limit, they are allowed to get away anyway.

Escape Room Becoming A Global Trend:

Escape rooms are dominating the gaming world. It has grabbed the attention of hundreds across the globe. An escape room is like a computer game where the succession of each level requires you to reach a specific goal or target first. Each level comes with a certain difficulty that is directly or indirectly linked with certain clues. These clues lead you to unlock other levels and mysteries in the game. The genuine experience has made escape room become a global trend.

An escape room allows a person to break free from the shackles of technology. Unlike the popular mystery and adventure computer games, people get to experience a real-life mission. You do not need a good internet connection for that. Due to its gaining popularity, countries are holding worldwide escape room competitions. Various teams from different countries join to win the contest.
In addition to that, escape rooms are offering multiple themes, stories and movie based adventures. People get to select from a wide range of options. Moreover, these rooms are free from any sort of interruption. Only a certain number of people can play at a time. All these factors are leading the escape room towards becoming popular culture.

Why Should I Try an Escape Room?

The pandemic has taken the fun out of our lives. Most of the public spots are either closed or require compliance of strict COVID SOP’s. However, an escape room gives you a temporary escape from the world. It is a new source of entertainment which you can enjoy with your team. Escape room not only provides a fun and thrilling experience but also gives us a chance of reuniting with friends and family. You can bond over with each other through solving tricky puzzles and make long lasting memories. It will improve your interpersonal communication skills and also encourages teamwork.

Clock is Ticking: Escape Room in Chicago

In addition to that, an escape room is a perfect opportunity for you to test your abilities and skills that require quick thinking and problem solving. Various mind games, which are well hidden inside the escape room, will give your serotonin a boost. Escape rooms will help build your confidence, will allow you to feel important and will also improve your decision making power.
Moreover, you can experience a real life video game, where you are on a mission that needs to be completed in a limited time. You can also share your experience on social media that will not only give the escape room free marketing but also encourage your friends to try it. Since escape rooms do not require particular information or qualification, anyone can join you but make sure to pick the right team as the clock is always ticking.

Best Escape Rooms near me:

USA has some of the best escape rooms. These provide some of the best adventures and puzzles that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Some of these escape rooms are The Escape Room Fishers in Indiana that guarantees a great experience under 60 minutes. Escape Game Nashville Berry Hill allows you to pick your own challenge. Outer life Studios in St. Petersburg promises real life game experience. Other well known escape rooms include The Escape Game Orlando, Escape Game Chicago and Tri-Cities Escape game.

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