Is Hydrow The Most Trending Thing Now?

Khubaib Rizwan
Khubaib Rizwan

Health and Fitness is an essential part of your life, enhancing your lifestyle towards the right direction

Can there be anything better than having a wholesome workout machine at your home? Of course not! Machines like Hydrow are leading the charge as interactive workout machines at home continue to gain popularity. A morning cycling class in a group once started has transformed into stationary bikes and so goes for the midday workouts at the beach with proper machines to workout with.

Hydrow has changed the concept of rowing completely with its user-friendly monitoring display. Offering a full-body cardio workout in just one go. Isn’t it crazy!!?


What is Hydrow?

A nonstop machine that does it all. Hydrow is a machine equipped with all-in-one functionality. Offering full-body cardio workout at home without any other exertions or exercises required. Best suited for your comfort zone, engaging 86% of your body muscles in one go.

Yeah! Having a high-resolution large screen that engages you with classes from world-class athletes and much more. This home unit will cost you $2,200, offering the pleasure of a comfortable rowing workout.
I have tried this and it has been worth the investment which keeps me fit and intact with my fitness routine.

What makes Hydrow “the standout home unit”?

If you’re seeking that one exercise machine that pretty much targets every part of your body and isn’t fully cardio-focused. This one is for you! The benefits of Hydrow and the specs it holds, totally justify the expensive price tag on it. Compared to its competitors NordicTrack’s rowers and Echelon, Hydrow is expensive. However, the benefits it offers and the specifications it comes with justifies the price tag on it.

Casual Adjustments:

Worried about the space at home? Well, guess what? It has a curvaceous and sleek design which comes with wheels. Considering the length of the machine, the brand has created this machine in such a way that it can be easily tidied away into a corner and can easily fold into vertical storage. Plus, standing against the wall doesn’t make it look ugly either with its curvy body to support the machine itself is something worth a look for.

Real-time rowing with all World-class athletes streaming live from the water
SPECS Hydrow comes with:

Hydrow isn’t like any other rowing machine. It offers a wide range of specs to play with. In addition, to it having both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, capabilities provide ease of accessibility for the user. However, featuring Hi-Fi speakers and a built-in microphone is just the icing on the cake. 22inch HD touchscreen mounted on the front with a two-megapixel camera which is fairly right as it’s a rowing machine and not a smartphone. The machine comes in the size of 25-inch wide and 86-inch long length.
This isn’t just the end of this amazing rowing machine.


It comes with soft rubberized feet which makes it easy to move and adjust without worrying about your floor. Pre-recorded 500 studio and river rowing sessions.HD screen with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 and a low-stress handle grip with an ergonomic design. Heart rate monitoring and Flat Anthracite polymer body with steel and aluminum frame.

It comes with four different types of rowing videos; Whole Body Fitness, Live Rowing, Serene River Rowing, and Rows on Demand. A 25-degree monitor which pivots in each direction, Enhanced with smooth operation as it comes with a 10-roller seat roller system.
Not just that, a big advantage for the fresh users of Hydrow is a 2-year warranty on its wear items, other electronics, and screen. A total of 18-month labor warranty and 6-year structural frame warranty.
An opportunity to get full access to all the rowing videos inclusive of US National Rowing Team videos costing you a recurring $38 membership on monthly basis.

Standalone unit, defined space, and ideal outlook of HYDROW
Is it Worth the Price?

Unquestionably, Hydrow is a very demanding machine when it comes to the price tag but when the question arises. “should you buy it or not?” Then it comes to your fitness goals. Also, If you are someone who faces weight gain issues on daily basis and have little to no time for jogs or gym workouts, then this is the best unit you can ever choose for your body.

As for me who has reached way too far in his fitness journey, Hydrow has most definitely opened the doors to the unexplored fitness world which starts with rowing.
Moreover, now including it with my resistance training. It helps me to come up with my fitness to a level where I am no more concerned about my daily intake of calories since my fat-burning rate is extensive. I haven’t personally experienced any unit that much user-friendly and which comes with a lot of perks. It’s easy to use, especially keeps you engaged with the workout exercises and much more.

Live Workout Sessions:

You don’t have to seek any coaching from an instructor as it’s a complete package with lots of workout sessions to go with.
The premium pricing of Hydrow is a thing to consider but the unit is leading the market right now which is equally important. Besides for long-term use, there can’t be an any better option to consider than buying a Hydrow for your personalized workouts at home.

Enriching your workouts and gaining more control over your body is what everyone enthusiast wants. Hydrow certainly overpowers the knowledge of fitness and its importance in everyday life. This perk gives an edge to the product when compared to all the competitors with the same goal but contrasting deliverance.

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