Is Baguette The Most Trending Thing Now?

Taha Sajid
Taha Sajid

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Since the release of Fendi’s baguette in 1997, tiny bags have continued to be a popular choice when it comes to styling outfits. Baguette is a small handbag in the luxury segment and the original pioneer of baguettes was the designer brand Fendi. It seems the old adage that “what goes around comes around” is still true in fashion, because the styles of the 90’s and early 2000’s are back en vogue.

History of the Baguette

The Fendi Baguette was there before all the other designer bags such as Chloe’s Paddington bag, Prada’s bowling bag, Mulberry’s bays-water and the Dior’s Saddle. It is often considered to be the pioneer of baguettes. The baguette itself came in hundreds of variations. Like the French loaf, we tuck this eccentric hand sewn purse under our arms. The name baguette was a play of words on the French loaf of the same name!

When the baguette was first introduced in the 90’s, it became the first real “it” bag in the fashion industry. This led to many changes in the identities of different brands, and an everlasting change in the balance of power between bags and clothes in the fashion industry. Despite the high prices of these baguettes sometimes as much as that of dresses, Long queues of women were seen in front of stores.

The Trend of Baguettes Over the Years

Prior to the era of over-sized and slouchy bags, the early 2000’s and the 90’s were all about these little shoulder bags. The correct ways to carry these shoulder bags was demonstrated by the different trend-setters of that era such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Mischa Barton, and Paris Hilton. The small silhouette, short strap, usually a zip or flap closure was carried close to the body and nestled around the armpit.

At the time the baguette trend was the only accessory trend that was worth caring about. As most trends have gone downward in these years we see that some of them have gone upward, and even though the trend of smaller bags had started to go out of fashion it came back. On the other hand the trend of those large chunky bags has gone downward.


This staple accessory of the 2000’s made its way back with colors, prints and designs funkier than the last time it was around. The baguette sits at a sweet spot where it’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The baguette has the convenience of being hands-free like that of a cross body or a belt bag. Its size is just right, it isn’t so compact that it won’t fit all your essentials such as your phone and makeup and it isn’t so big that it becomes a black hole and swallows up all of your stuff. All in all in just a cool piece of accessory to have.

The different types of baguettes designs that are a must have are the:

Croc Effect Baguettes

The croc effect baguette is one of the most popular baguettes, this particular purse is seen to have a croc-effect kind of a texture with a slim body, handles and a chain. This Croc like baguette gained much attention on social media for its unique and different texture. The croc-like baguette has a unique all-rounder sort of a design which makes it go to for your casual strolls in the mall to your fancy dine outs.

Buckle Baguette

We can always use a buckle with these small baguettes. These come handy around boot season when you can match one with the other for a more aesthetically pleasing look. The buckle is more suited to heavier clothing.

Wide Handled Baguette

In case of wide handled baguettes the bag itself is still small but the handles are better. This undoubtedly adds more personality, not to mention structure to the purse.
Although you can match them with almost anything, they are especially suitable for clothes with tight shoulders. This means blazers, suits, and even balloon sleeves, which create clear dividing lines.

Cloth Baguette

In addition to the traditional harder material, we can also use softer fabrics for cloth baguettes. They are not sturdy but they do a good job of making the baguette look natural and comfortable. This style is most suitable for casual outings.

Customizability of Baguettes

As one of the most popular bag trends this year you can expect to see it around you. They do come in various colors, styles, textures and the design differences are very small. You can take it one step further by customizing the baguette according to your own needs.
The chain is another accessory, you can pick anything from your current collection. These can be necklaces or thick chains from other bags you may have. If they are too long, use double layers.

One way is to wrap them around the handle and connect each end to the hook. Or you can simply let them hang aside. Pins are another way to beautify your baguette. Of course there are scarves as well. The silk scarf is a classic bag accessory. You encounter baguettes more than you think. The idea is to have a slender purse that fits well under the arm with a small handle. It is practical and stylish.

Baguettes and shoulder bags are here to stay for many summers, because of their versatility and the fact that they can adapt to different outfits, not to mention their cute sizes and several different colors. This trend will not only continue to occur in autumn and winter but will continue into the next summer as well! See you and your baguette!

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