How solo travel is the next big thing: Everything you Need to know

Khadija Naveed
Khadija Naveed

This guide has some essential information for anyone who is new to the concept of solo traveling.

Have you ever wished to be that person in the movies, who travels by themselves and finds how amazing life can be? The people who explore cities and suburbs and enrich themselves with experiences. If yes, then your next trip should be a solo travel.

Solo travel: What is it like?

Traveling by yourself means being responsible for yourself, however, it also entails the freedom to literally do as you please. When you are on a solo travel, the adventures can go in any direction you want them to. You can eat whatever you want, wherever you want. The stay can be for the duration of your choice and the place you fancy. You have the liberty to engage in as many or as little activities you like. If you have been looking for an escape from life, to expand your mind, then solo traveling is your thing.

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How solo travel will change you as a person:

Gain Confidence. It becomes a part of you when you have to rely on yourself and take complete responsibility of every aspect of the trip.

• Enhance problem solving skills. When you are by yourself, in an unfamiliar place, you are bound to get creative in how you handle every hurdle in your way. This means you must make quick decisions sometimes and resolve issues.

• Understand yourself better. Solo travel will enable you to become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

• Learn to stay calm under stressful situations. This is one of the key skills you might gain after indulging in solo travel.

Minimalism is more. It becomes comforting when you have to travel to multiple different places by yourself. You can’t carry more than a few essentials and that brings a new grace to life.

• Learn to step out of your comfort zone. Taking that unknown alley or going outside of your planned itinerary will allow you to face new challenges.

• Grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Solo travel allows you to meet new people who have their own set of stories to share. Your own experiences and the exposure to the variety of different people help you grow as a person.

5 things you need to know about planning your trip

Stay within a budget:

If you know your budget, then plan accordingly. If you can’t afford high end amenities, choose something that is within your range. Look out for some amazing deals on various travel companies before embarking on your journey.

Save money for the trip:

Cut down on a luxuries, at least for a few months. It may be a bit time consuming to save money for a trip but it’s better than spending it all in one go and having zero after you come home. It’s all about smart spending.

Choose the destination wisely:

Understand and visualize why exactly are you going on this solo trip. Once you understand the reason behind it, you can choose a destination according to your objective. If you are going for an outdoor adventure, scoot in a luxury glamping experience for yourself. It isn’t necessary that everything grand has to be expensive.

Booking accommodations:

whether you choose to stay in a hotel, a local bed and breakfast or a hostel for the exposure. Contact the owners and relevant people to avoid an accommodation mishap when you land. Knowing where you are going can also be useful to ensure your safety. Research the places thoroughly and then select what seems more appropriate, affordable, and safe. Find solo traveling agencies who can help you plan everything.

Smart packing

In order to pack the right clothes, that exude style and comfort, firstly, know the weather you are packing for. Secondly, pack a bigger punch in just a few items. This means grab only those items that are necessary and most durable and useful on your trip.

6 tips to make the most of your solo travel

1. Take a leap of faith and chat with strangers

Go to the local cafes and coffee shops and chat with the staff. Become a regular at one of these places because people tend to look out for regulars and these people truly know the city and help you find your way around to some hidden gems.

2. Don’t plan too rigidly

If you want to be able to explore the city on your own skip out on following the schedule too strictly.

3. Don’t miss out on local events

These events hold the key to all the culture and exciting conversations with the locals.

4. Exploration of the city through all means

The real way to enjoy your solo travel is to set out on foot, through cars or local transport. Use bicycles to go to closer spots and explore the streets and markets. The main idea is to take in every ounce of the city as best as you can, so nothing is left.

solo travelers using scooters through the city streets

5. Eat local cuisines

The idea behind solo travel is to expose yourself to new experience. So why should your taste palate be left out. Give yourself the chance to taste local dishes and experience food in a whole new light, especially for the foodies out here.

6. Find people with similar tastes

One of the best thing about solo travel will be the chance at finding other travelers out there. Find ex-pat cafes and give yourself the chance to meet people and engage in activities like day tours or an evening out with them.

To conclude, consider this guide to help you plan your solo trip.

Everyone should take a solo trip at least once in their lifetime. When you travel with other people, you have to take them into consideration when mapping out your activities. Secondly, meeting new people or getting a chance to hear out their stories is impossible when you already have company.

Solo travel is your leap of faith with the addition of calculated risks. However, it will you give you the liberty to do as you please and take responsibility every step of the way. It just might be the best antidote from real life when stress and over working has you drained.

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