Fashion Influencers : A guide to Become one

Haneen Gul
Haneen Gul

Fashion is a form of self expression and has great power to influence others. Discover your inner fashion influencer and let me know about your favorite fashion trends.

There are multiple ways to express ourselves one of which is through fashion. Fashion helps in personality demonstration either through your attire, hairdo, and posture or make up. This form of self-expression was limited to magazines or fashion shows years ago. However, with the passage of time, fashion has become a full fledge career for these fashion influencers.

What is a Fashion Influencer?

Fashion Influencer is a well-known person with ample followers on social media platforms. A fashion influencer creates content that is solely based on fashion. He has the power to shape people’s opinion, thinking and attitude towards fashion trends. Moreover, fashion influencers alter the purchase behavior of people.

A fashion influencer is a specialist when it comes to setting fashion trends. Whether, it is buying trendy and affordable outfits or having a perfect lifestyle. A fashion influencer knows it all. Various designers, brands and big names in the fashion world endorse and collaborate with them. A fashion influencer is like a magnet who attracts his through attractive photographs, exclusive brand deals, skill set and up to date life style.

Perks of being Fashion Influencers:

Being a fashion influencer has its own perks. With the right number of followers you can hit a jackpot in the long run. From endorsing valuable deals from brands to attending first class fashion shows and dinners, you can have the time of your life.
Moreover, a huge number of audience look up to you when it comes to fashion. You become their fashion guru and mold their opinions. You can set your own fashion trend if done rightly. Additionally, you can enjoy a lot from free stuff from various brands in the form of PR.
Besides, you go on multiple shopping sprees and maintain a perfect lifestyle for your followers. You can earn from the content you generate and become your own boss. In addition to that , you can start side businesses that you can benefit from and create a big name for yourself in the fashion industry.

How to Become a Fashion Influencer?

Most of us wish to be in the shoes of trendy fashion influencers when we come across their accounts on Instagram or other social media platforms. Their lives are the most appealing and awe worthy. Becoming a fashion influencer is a dream for those who love creativity and fashion. Here are few tips that will help you begin your journey as a fashion influencer.

Be Yourself:

Every fashion influencer stands out from the other in one way or another. Being your true self is a key if you want to attract attention of audience. Be confident in your personal style and set your own aesthetic. Do not shy from trying out new fashion trends.

Fashion Influencer Marketing:

In the fashion world, building relationships is very important. Reach out to brands, sponsors, fashion communities and like-minded influencers to market yourself. Likewise, collaborate with other influencers and go for aesthetic photo-shoot by a known photographer to attract more audience to your account. Do reviews and honest ratings of the fashion products you use.

Be Consistent:

Becoming a fashion influencer is not as easy as it seems. Be consistent in your journey and do not give up if things don’t work out as planned. Also, your level of determination and consistency will take you to the top.

Be aware of the Fashion World:

A fashion influencer should keep up with the fashion world and its ever changing trends. Brief your followers with the current fashion trends and styles and discuss the future trends. Furthermore, showcase the new trends through pictures, videos and catchy written content. You should have the power to convince your audience.

Engage with Audience:

Always engage with your audience by giving them fashion content regularly. Do not hesitate from discussing controversial topics. Moreover, introduce them to your opinions when it comes to fashion and encourage them to try new looks. Provide your audience with the useful information and always entertain them through your fashion looks.

Top Fashion Influencers on Social Media:

Social media has become crowded with bloggers, fashion influencers and trend setters. Nowadays majority of people have labelled themselves as fashion influencers. In addition to that, whom to follow and get inspiration from has become somewhat difficult. However, here is a narrowed down list of top fashion influencers on Instagram.

Tanesha Awasthi:

Tanesha Awasthi, is a plus sized fashion influencer. She will make you feel good about your body through her trendy fashion tips. Her sense of style is ladylike, similar to Audrey Hepburn.

@foreveryoursbetty will make you fall in love with bright colors, especially orange. She is adamant when it comes to discussing controversial and morally loaded topics. She is keen on making vintage and second hand attires a trend.

Sissy Chacon:

Sissy Chacon will make you go for a neutral wardrobe. Her style is more calm and Zen. She has minimalistic approach when it comes to fashion.

Afua Rida:
Afua Rida has a colorful and vibrant sense of style that takes inspiration from Ghanaian culture. She also incorporates and blends different styles from around the globe. Her bright smile will lift up your mood for sure.

Declan Chan:

Declan Chan has an expensive taste when it comes to fashion. He likes to mix and match pieces from different top notch designers. Prints, patterns and textures are his go to when it comes to fashion.

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