Why Mewing Had Been So Popular Till Now?

What if you could finally have a sharp jawline after trying every single thing to shape it up? If it wasn’t just enough to do cardio and expect a knife-looking cut jawline? What if it was just about one exercise that would help you achieve your dream jawline shape?
There is only one answer to all of your questions; which is, Mewing Exercise. Mewing is not a newly introduced technique, rather it has been used for quite some time.

You mainly focus on toning our body shape which is understandable, but we neglect the facial restructuring techniques which define the jaw and polishes your looks even more.

What is mewing?

Initially, the word “Mewing” was originated and named after John Mew, a British Orthodontist who is in his 90s. The main idea behind the concept of this exercise was to change the shape of your jawline just by the placement of your tongue. Not only it stresses your jaw but also helps with the conditions like sinusitis, sleep apnea, as well as other related conditions.

Furthermore, all the videos related to the mewing exercise have taken a storm on YouTube. For anyone who is on a weight-loss journey is always open to new exercises. Techniques that can make your transformation even more appealing. However, you are not recommended at all to include mewing exercise into your workout routine if you have medical issues concerning mostly your jaw and mouth.

Does mewing work?

The exercise itself doesn’t change your jawline but improves the facial structuring. Repositioning your tongue to a new rest place is the main idea behind this exercise. However, the consistent repositioning of the tongue will change the overall features of the face especially the jawline.
In addition to that, many people have uploaded their videos about the gradual transformation of jawline they experienced by doing the mew exercise.

Some suggested that it provides relief and reduces jaw pain. So, lack of mewing can worsen your jawline shape as well as cause pain over time.
Even speech issues and irregular bites are the results of not having the correct tongue posture. Subsequently, those who are in dire need of orthodontic work or surgery might mistakenly try the mew exercise and get hurt rather than helping themselves to fix their issues on their own.

How to do it?

So, the first and foremost thing about mewing is that results can take up to years. But it aligns your teeth and strengthens your jawline. It’s the technique of flattening out your tongue against the roof of the mouth. Hence, it’s the exercise that changes your tongue’s rest posture and moves it up to the mouth’s roof.

Let’s dive into the step by step breakdown of the mewing exercise;
First of all, Close your lips. Moreover, keep your bottom teeth behind your upper ones, move your jaw. This will keep your bottom teeth locked and so then with your tongue cover the roof of your mouth. Lastly, without touching your front teeth, place the tip of your tongue behind them.
People who tried it frequently suggested some things.

Some said instead of your mouth, breathe from your nose. hile others linked it with the sound of the words that are similar to the mewing exercise technique. Words like “thing” or “ring” which exhibit the sound of “ng” are helpful to understand the exercise.

Is mewing a risky exercise?

Mewing is surely an effective exercise that transitions your tongue position. From a poor posture of the tongue to a more active role but with advantages comes risk. Jawline affects other parts of the body when changing. So, it’s a complex machine.
When I was on the lean body hunt during my weight-loss journey, Jawline was the most challenging part to snub the fat out.

So, those who are able to transform their jawline successfully can face problems. It can lead to chipped or loose teeth, misalignment of the upper and lower jaw, dysfunction or pain in your jaw, or simply misalignment of teeth.

Hence, you need to be very careful in this regard to decide whether mewing exercise is for you because it isn’t for everyone. Dentists and orthodontists suggest consulting with either of them before going for mew as some might have complications already. And further extensive exercise can lead to life-longing problems.

Before and After Images of Mewing:

Here is the before and after image of one of the most followed bodybuilders on YouTube Connor Murphy. He tried the mewing exercise and the results are quite evident. Moreover, the jawline is more defined and sharp as compared to the previous one.
However, not every source is credible enough to justify the effectiveness of mewing. Clinical researches are yet to take place.

Long Story Short:

Mewing has its practical benefits but experts haven’t examined it fully. Don’t try it if you have medical problems related to the mouth or any other facial feature. Which can further lead to never-ending problems for you. Choose wisely, there are many success stories behind mewing. Reliability of sources is to be considered.

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