Why We Love 100 Thieves and You Should Too

Why We Love 100 Thieves and You Should Too.

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Have you ever wondered what is 100 thieves? Who are they and what do they stand for? Well, here’s what you need to know about them.

What started from an idea in a 24-year-old lost kid’s mind is one of the biggest names in esports, apparel, and startups now. This is how Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag turned a name, a logo, and a bunch of promises into a multimillion-dollar business. This is the story of 100 thieves.

Who is Matthew Haag?

Just like most of us, Matthew Haag felt lost in his early 20’s. He didn’t have a promising career or direction in his life. All he had was a big name in the online gaming community – specifically for Call Of Duty – and a passionate spirit. He made a leap of faith and moved from Chicago to LA at 23. In 2016, Haag founded an esports brand and organization based in LA called 100 Thieves.

For those who don’t know, Esports is a form of competition using video games. It often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.


 More than 20 million sites are e-commerce websites.

What is 100 thieves?

Just like its name, 100 thieves does not have a single meaning ascribed to it. It’s not only a gaming franchise, or apparel brand, or online community. As Matthew dreamed it, it is a lifestyle.

Early stage

At the beginning of 100 thieves, Haag started with a bunch of apparel of his brand and worked to make the most of the opportunities coming his way. Lucky for him, in late 2017, esports gained a lot of attraction from investors and Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Daniel Gilbert proposed a multi-million dollar investment in 100 thieves. Things for Haag changed overnight.

Slow and Steady

He got to work instantly and built his team to compete in bigger arenas. His team rose quickly and earned a great reputation for a rising organization. In spring 2018, 100 thieves competed in their first-ever league championship series, played in the finals, and finished third in their group. Even though the 100 thieves roster felt like they had let Matthew down, this was a huge success for a new team. They sure won many hearts!

Sweet Victory

100 thieves continued to compete tirelessly for the next year. Despite some of the blows they suffered due to the games lost, Haag knew they could do better. He remained committed to his team and his brand. Like a true leader, he went over his mistakes and committed to leading his team better than ever. 100 thieves became one of the best teams in Call of Duty and brought home their first championship cup by winning the CWL London 2019!

100 Thieves Merch!

On their way forward, 100 thieves found themselves another sponsor, Rocket Mortgage, and started a weekly documentary series called HEIST. It follows the trajectory of their teams and connects them to fans directly. Unlike many other esports teams, they engage with their fans on a personal level. And as a cherry on top of the cake, Drake joined hands with 100 thieves as co-owner in October 2018!

Of course, they’ve kept climbing the ladders to success. 100 thieves merchandise partnered with Redbull and created the first-ever esports locker-room in conjunction with fashion marketplace app Stock X.

What Makes 100 Thieves so Different?

Matthew’s dream was to make gaming bigger than it is, to turn it into a lifestyle. This is why he didn’t limit his brand to esports. While on the one hand, he managed his brand in international gaming arenas like the League of Legends, on the other he experimented with merchandise and collaborations with apparel brands. Haag even jumped into lifestyle and vlog content and found great success in it. The idea not to stick to gaming only is what has turned their fans into a family.

Haag has proved that it was never just about gaming, his dream was about the brand, the content, and the team. Every step of his journey has been getting him closer to that. Now, they stand as esports’ most glamourous organization.

“the original idea behind the 100 thieves was to build something bigger, that was all-encompassing, all-inclusive, that people could really feel like they were a part of because they believed in what we were creating and what it stood for”

– Matt Haag

The 100 thieves apparel has transcended the gaming industry and is the new black of streetwear. Matt has brought together the worlds of e-sports, youtube, and streaming and won it all.

Why You Should Take Notes

Matthew Haag has surpassed so many boundaries and is definitely someone keeping up with the era he’s living in. May I be bold and say he’s one of the people defining the era he’s living in!

The reason I wanted to share Matthew’s story and the success of 100 thieves with you is because we can all relate to how he felt in the beginning. Matthew was lost and he felt like he had no path. Despite that he made action. He stepped up and took risks and look where he stands now. There’s a lesson here in his story, and it is definitely one that millennials can relate to!

Now, it is time for you to unleash your spirit and showcase your true potential. Good luck!

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