Did FridaMom Just Solve All New Mommy Problems?

Childbirth is all butterflies and magical fairies, but it’s also pain, sweat, and tears. While there are thousands of books, journals, and doctors’ advice about handling pregnancy and your baby after birth, we seriously lack postpartum care guides for mothers. New mothers are provided every bit of information on how to care for their newborns, but not their new bodies. You have your baby, but what about you? FridaMom believes that mommies need the best care out there, and they’re here to provide it.

“The problem with postpartum recovery begins with a woman’s lack of knowledge and ability to prepare for what’s really about to go down. The intimidation factor, before, during, and after, is debilitating,” says Chelsea Hirschhorn, CEO of FridaMom.

We Needed This!

What most people don’t realize about pregnancy is that it doesn’t end at giving birth. The fourth trimester (the first few weeks followed by birth) is a real struggle for new moms, and some may say much harder than delivering a baby. Life suddenly changes and most women find themselves confused and scared. How on earth is a mother supposed to deal with raw nipples, uterine contractions, painful clogs breast bumps?

FridaMom will help you answer all these questions. After giving birth and realizing that society critically lacks knowledge and products about postpartum care for MOTHERS, Chelsea Hirschhorn decided to launch FridaMom.


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Looking out for Mamas!

Once the baby is there, all eyes shift focus and now it’s all about the cute little feet. However, navigating things like nursing and postpartum life are very difficult for new mothers. Fridamom believes it’s about time they get some serious help. They believe in answering the important question, “what’s best for mom?”.

“It’s so intuitive for women, particularly as they become new parents, to put themselves second,” she tells in an interview with “I think culturally, it’s taboo to speak in anything other than magical, unicorn, butterfly experiences when you become a new mom. The reality is that it’s not all Instagram-worthy, filtered moments that are beautiful and fun.”

As Chelsea puts it, putting her self-care aside is considered a rather natural part of motherly behavior. But how much can someone care for others when they’re in desperate need of care themselves? It’s about time we shed some light on what the first few weeks of having a baby feels like. Oh, and FYI, this is not taboo!

FridaMom Postpartum Kit

The FridaMom postpartum kit exclusively offers everything a new mom may need after birthing, all packed and ready to go. The products include disposable underwear, perineal cooling pad liners, perineal healing foam, instant ice maxi pads, and an upside-down peri bottle. FridaMom products have been well tested by Hirschhorn herself as she proudly proclaims in her video campaign, “I volunteered my own f*cking vagina!”

The mother of three developed the product line over two years and tested it herself during her third pregnancy. It is your one-stop shop now instead of “making 16 stops at seven different retail stores and four different aisles, Amazon Prime Now things in the middle of the night, and find, like, black market mesh underwear being sold on eBay,” as Hirschhorn explains.

“I do recommend this Frida Mom kit. I’m glad I had it and it did make the postpartum recovery process more simplified, which is a big deal for a new mom caring for a newborn and herself,” writes Amanda Shapin Michelson in her review.

Heather Delany’s review says, “The products are a nice asset for when your stash runs out. They’re a great staple if you’re planning a home or out-of-hospital birth and won’t get a kit for yourself. They would also make a great shower gift from Mom to Mom for someone who truly knows what someone will need instead of another set of suede baby booties.”

FridaMom for Moms

Their slogan “Care for your breasts, not just your baby” is the perfect way to put their aim. Modern society still struggles with mothers putting themselves first, but it shouldn’t be that way. A mother is just as human as her child and deserves excellent care. With a launch like this, women will find it much easier to achieve a good and healthy postpartum experience.

“With the help of people like Chrissy Teigen, Ali Wong, and Amy Schumer, we are starting to surface the need to prioritize a woman’s experience above all else. In order to navigate new parenthood, you really have to have the confidence and feel physically like yourself to do it well,” says Chelsie Hirschhorn.

I am so excited about this entire campaign. Acknowledging struggles of the female body, of mothers and their affairs? I hear you!

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