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4 Best Places To Make you Fall In Love With Solo Travel and Yourself: Post Covid-19

As a new solo traveler, its confusing to decide a place to travel to. These are just a few options to consider when making the decision.

Khadija Naveed

With the impact of covid-19 on many aspects in life, the most severe has been on our identity and mental health. Amidst all the chaos, discover yourself once again by embarking on a solo travel for your next trip.

Solo travel gives you the freedom to wander around in a new place, meet new people and absorb new cultures. You can move around at your own pace and enjoy your own company as you roam new cities or suburbs.

One of the key features to finding yourself on one of the greatest adventures is to choose the right destination. While most places are suited to traverse whether you are traveling alone or with others. It is important that you arrive in those places that are more appropriate for a solo travel.

In the following article, some of the best places to visit are the center of discussion, so that you can take your next life altering trip as a new solo traveler.

Some of the best places to visit for the first time as a solo traveler are:

1. Italy:

For someone who loves art and culture

It is made for someone who loves exploring culture. As the land of dreamers, poets and artists, Italy will blow your mind with its food and geography. For those who want to experience the treasures of renaissance and as connoisseurs of art, Italy will be the ultimate solo travel experience as you explore the cities, museums, and cafes by yourself.


Florence, for its architecture and art will be the first choice for anyone. Essentially, if you are looking for the city getaway while gaining full access to all the history enriched roads. Adding to this, Ufizzi Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, and the Boboli Gardens, as well as Galleria dell’Accademia, should be on your list if you’re a true connoisseur of art.


Moreover, Tuscany is famous for its food and you can enjoy the countryside while loading a scrumptious meal.


However, If you want to truly take a rewind of the history lessons, then visit Rome. The Colosseum and the Vatican are open for exploration at a leisurely pace by the solo traveler. Furthermore, staying in the center of this historic city will be a bonus because each site is perfect for discovering on foot.

Cinque Terre

The most exciting place for a solo traveler in Italy will be Cinque Terre. The reason behind this is that it provides a diverse range of experiences packed in a very small place. There are trails and pathways connecting the villages that is tailor made to experience by foot.

It’s the best place if you are looking to just simply relax and wind down by just strolling, swimming, and enjoying good food. You can go sight-seeing the colorful village, Vernazza or just take a leisurely stroll on the blue path.

2. Morocco:

For Someone who loves the Eastern vibe and archeological sites

If you want to taste the life of a true bazaar and the haggling vendors, the bustling streets then Moroccan locations will be your best choice. It is not only special for it’s heritage sites. Additionally, it is the best place if someone wants to be near the water, enjoy water sports or simply take surfing classes.


It is the number one destination that people visit in Morocco. The city is recognized as the red city due to the red sand stone buildings that create a breath taking view for your photos.

It is filled to the brim with collapsing but heavenly sites, some of which have recognition by UNESCO.
You can find luxury hotels or countryside resorts. Access is available to activities like visit to Sahara Desert, cooking classes, relaxing hammams or tranquil waterfalls.


If you want to take a break from the craziness in Marrakech, Essaouira is a city just two hours away. It is loaded with sites that were used on the set of famous series, Game of thrones. It is famous for it’s musical character and hosting musical festivals. Additionally, Essaouira also holds UNESCO heritage sites that are a must visit.


However, if what you’re looking for is a fast-paced city experience. high end services while also the entertainment and exposure of a new culture, then the place to visit is Casablanca. It’s unique architecture and main landmarks are a bonus for someone who wants to experience the heritage while staying in the metropolis.


Chefchaouen is for those who truly want a secluded break from their jam pack itineraries and just take a breather. This is a small, cheap and friendly city that can fulfill your need for a relaxing day trip.


If taking in the sea breeze and those surfing classes is what you are wishing for then the best city will be Taghazout. Cheap surf lodges are present with a great view of the sea. You can go for yoga, surfing or take a day trip to nearby tourist spots.

To summarize, these are just some of the places to visit in Morroco. You can get the complete experience of a colorful culture through the people, food, markets and world renowned heritage sites.


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For someone who wants to do soul searching

For most people traveling means relaxing and taking a break, but for many others this can mean connecting with yourself and the entire world. Solo traveling can be a source for for connecting spiritually and self- reflection. One of the most influential places for taking a self-analysis trip, is mentioned in the book Eat, Pray love, and that is Indonesia. If you want to find a cheap vacation but also do some soul searching, then Indonesia is your spot. The scenic views, calming water and lone mountains can provide the best spot to just meditate, let yourself go and reflect.


Bali is one of those places that have gained serious attention over the past years mainly because of it’s mention in books and movies but also because it truly is a heaven. You can go on long walks near the lush green fields or enjoy a performance of the traditional dances of the Balinese culture. You can visit the villages in the vicinity to get a break from the tourist hotspot Bali. Take a tour of the coffee plantations and even enjoy one cup freshly brewed for you.


Lombok is the place to visit after Bali and it is exactly the retreat you desire. Additionally, Lombok is still rural and that is why still untouched and waiting to be discovered. The Beaches are ready and the water primed for surfing. The next best way to really take in the countryside and the Balinese culture is to just take a scooter and ride around the beaches.

Gili Air Island

Lastly, Gili air is the best place to go for water sports, snorkeling, diving and free diving. You can rent a boat and a guy to take you in the center of the sea. Furthermore, just chill at the beach or go watch turtles and relax with the view at the sea.


For someone looking for desert adventures.

This is one the budget friendly but luxury vacation you can take. Jordan has many beautiful places, some are UNESCO heritage sites and perfect for solo travel. It has sites that can give you a sense of being in Europe.


You can stay in Amman and go on day trips by getting local transport or a rental. Moreover, Some of the most essential places to view in Amman itself include the Roman theatre, the citadel, and the temple of Hercules. You can take a bicycle and ride in the city to explore every nook and cranny.

In other instances, you can take the Jordan trail. It extends from the north to south and hiking the trail will show you Jordan from the perspective of the locals. You will come across around 50 villages, many archaeological sites, mountains, desserts, hills and valleys.

Dana Biosphere and The Dead Sea

Solo traveling gives a certain sense of freedom and so use that wisely. If relaxing was the main item on your itinerary, then you can find yourself floating in the dead sea. After a nice drift in the dead sea, you can travel to the sand dunes in the Dana biosphere.

Subsequently, this place is a dream come true for the stargazers. As a solo traveler you can find yourself some peace and quiet while you admire the starry night sky or have a bonfire with other fellow solo travelers you find on the way. This trip will provide you options of engaging in many activities that you can enjoy as a solo traveler. As an example, people take cooking classes, pottery or other cultural activities.

Rose City of Petra

Next, Rose city of Petra However, is the highlight of the trip to Jordan. The site has been recognized as the new 7th wonder of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. The site has been carved into the rock face 2000 years ago. The view is breath taking when the city comes to life under the flame of a thousand candles that dance to live music in the evening. You can explore some secret routes and pathways that all lead to the city of Petra.

Wadi Rum

Lastly, appreciate the drifting sands in Wadi rum. Talk up some other people and as a solo travel find yourself in a jeep drifting over the rough mountains and sand dunes. Revel in the creation of natural unique rock formations and some weird passages. This might be the perfect place to end your trip and breathe in the last sunset on your solo travel to Jordan.

To summarize, some of the best places for solo travel are stated in this article. These locations are under-rated but the perfect spot for someone looking for cheap but relaxing vacations. Solo travel can be overwhelming so you can ease into the concept by choosing one of these destinations as a solo traveler.

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