Slow Fashion: 9 Common Mistakes And How To Improve Them

Slow Fashion: 9 Common Mistakes And How To Improve Them

Improving your lifestyle is never out of style! Lifestyle choices can change everything, including your time, peace of mind, productivity, and space. And I’m here to assist you in your self-love journey

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Have you ever experienced decision fatigue while shopping? Did it feel overwhelming to continue? What if I tell you, you’re not even supposed to shop as much as you do! Slow fashion is the real deal if you want your life to be peaceful and fruitful.

What is Slow Fashion?

Before we come to your mistakes, let’s see what is slow fashion. Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It is a concept based on sustainability, mindful consumption, and quality over quantity. The slow fashion movement is meant to create awareness about individual’s consumption habits and integrate an eco-friendly shopping solution into your wardrobes and lifestyle.

The concept here is great. But sometimes, people take it too far without understanding how to go about it. Have you been one of those peeps? Keep on reading to find out!

Here are 9 mistakes you could’ve been making in your own personal slow fashion movement, and ways you can improve them!

1. Moving Too Fast

Often enough, people jump to take action when they get excited about something without having enough knowledge. This results in chaos, confusion and mid-process breakdowns. The best way to go about incorporating slow fashion into your lifestyle is to take it slow (pun intended). Learn and speak with others about it. Look up slow fashion blogs and experts on the subject to make sure your journey begins smoothly.

2. Accidental Accumulations

Did you just buy jeans from the best slow fashion brand out there only to realize the fit isn’t even for you? Sometimes the eagerness to get in the game and get it all done results in wrong decisions – and purchases. When shopping for your wardrobe, remember the key is to be mindful. The point is not to shop from ethical brands, but to purchase from them what is best for you.

3. Over Decluttering

One of the most common mistakes people starting slow fashion consumption make is to over declutter. Decluttering is really good for your mind – and space – until you realize what you just let go of was something beneficial. Do you have sweaters from fast fashion brands that you like and wear all the time? Keep them! Wear them out until they’re worn out. Don’t just throw stuff away because their label doesn’t read eco-friendly. If something that doesn’t scream slow fashion is working out just fine for you, that’s okay!

4. Shopping Sustainable – But Still As Much

The main point of slow fashion is to reduce consumption from getting everything in sight to getting what is best for YOU. You may find yourself struggling to manage your expenses after switching to sustainable brands. But it shouldn’t be that way. If you’re buying from slow fashion brands but still buying as much, you’re doing it wrong.

5. Still Following All Trends

Trends are just another way to capitalize on people’s fashion insecurities. There is nothing wrong with buying something trendy. However, discarding something every couple of months just because it’s not in anymore is a no-no. Instead of following all trends out there, try being picky about them. See what suits you and what doesn’t. There is nothing like classic, timeless clothing pieces. You’re almost always better off if you invest more in timeless pieces and less in trendy ones.

6. Purchasing Pieces That Don’t Go Together

Ah, the good old problem of having “nothing” to wear. Most of the time, you do have amazing things, but they just don’t pair that well. When buying sustainably, make sure what you’re buying actually fits into your outfits. If your pieces don’t go together, then you will only end up right back where you started – shopping.


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7. Not Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are amazing if you want to pursue slow fashion. A capsule wardrobe is a narrow selection of interchangeable clothing pieces that go really well together. It consists of classic pieces which are timeless and are primarily composed of neutral colors. But don’t be scared to show off your personality, use your favorite colors and patterns too! With a capsule wardrobe, you can have a ton of different outfits all coming from a small selection of clothes, all of them according to your taste.

Pro tip! Make sure you build your capsule wardrobe to your liking. Include pieces that compliment your style so you can enjoy getting dressed every day.

8. Buying From the Wrong Places

Many brands label themselves as “green” and “eco-friendly” nowadays because of the increasing awareness of their customers. However, most of them still use mass-production models to cut down on costs.

According to the Conscious Life & Style definition, Slow fashion brands usually “produce in smaller batches, make most of their pieces by hand, craft each piece with attention to detail and quality, and ideally, partner with skilled artisans, sewers, and craftspeople (who are of course fairly paid).”

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It is a concept based on sustainability, mindful consumption, and quality over quantity.

9. Giving Up Slow Fashion!

Most of us have grown up to see the world of fast fashion expanding rapidly. All of our apparel choices and habits have been limited to fast fashion for quite a while, especially in the urban world. So going back to slow living and consuming less can be overwhelming.

But that’s okay! Take baby steps, learn from others and incorporate it into your life in a way that is best for you.

Adopting slow fashion may appear expensive and hard on your budget if you’re not doing it correctly. You don’t need to spend a lot, only carefully. The key is to approach your buying habits from a mindful and holistic point of view.

Expand Slow Fasion Into Your Lifestyle

While you’re learning to better your fashion choices, make sure you speak to others around you about them. Create an influence so your peers can benefit from your newly acquired knowledge. If you have the time, consider becoming a fashion influencer! Or take up healthy new habits, like becoming a plant mom or traveling exciting new places!

Here I only mentioned being mindful about your fashion choices, but why not more? We make countless decisions daily. Where to eat? Where to invest? And where to do our groceries? Little by little, we can learn to approach all these decisions holistically. Take care of the environment, considering it does more for you than you may think. After all, you’re a part of your environment.

Happy shopping!

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