Homeschooling Facts that You Should Know: A complete Guide

Homeschooling Facts that You Should Know: A complete Guide

Is homeschooling becoming a new trend in the ongoing pandemic? Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Haneen Gul

Going to school on regular basis could be boring sometimes especially when your favorite teacher is on leave. There are days when we wish to stay at home and escape the monotonous school routine. Apparently, the comfort and relaxing environment of home mostly lack in school. However, there is a way to both stay at home and get the necessary education. That is through homeschooling.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is education at home. School-going kids learn all the basics of required education either by parents, tutors, or online teachers. Moreover, children stay at home rather than going to public or private schools. They make use of the riches available in their immediate environment. In addition to that, homeschooling allows children to interchange and interconnect with other families in the community; who practice the same methods.

Why People Practice Homeschooling ?

Parents who are not happy with the education system and its practical methods prefer homeschooling. Further ,different religious views and philosophies lead to dissatisfaction among some parents. Additionally, they also believe that children have different abilities and tendencies . Schools often neglect such skills and talents.
Furthermore, parents can provide finer and healthier tutoring to their kids as they desire. They have the freedom to incorporate religious teachings as well as, additional subjects as they desire . These things are often not practiced in the traditional schooling system.

How to Do it?

Homeschooling strategies vary among different parents. It mostly depends on the goals that parents have set for their children. There are parents who want to send their child to a traditional school after a certain time. They choose the regular school experience at home. On the other hand, a child may have a bad experience at school to such an extent that he is not willing to learn. He may have a different homeschooling experience. However, here are few steps that will help you cope up with homeschooling.

1.Legal Procedure for Homeschooling:

Check the legal methods applicable in your state for homeschooling. Nonetheless, some states do not have such legal procedures. This can guide you regarding the laws and accurate knowledge about the homeschooling journey.


De-schooling is a process in which a child leaves his school for home-based learning. This first step could be crucial as your child might act out due to changing environment. The key is to have a detailed conversation with your child about what homeschooling is and how it is going to work. Also, do not overburden your child with the curriculum. Take it easy. Going out to museums or field trips may help your child adjust quickly. Reconnecting with nature will also come in handy.

3.Join Homeschooling Group:

Join a homeschooling group within your community. This will help you answer your queries and clear your doubts. Meet with parents who practice homeschooling and learn from their experience.

4. Curriculum and Organization:

Decide the curriculum that you want your child to practice at home. It is available online as well. It should be according to your child’s interest. Plus, decide on that one space where you will tutor your child regularly. Properly organize the books and materials necessary for homeschooling.

5. Set Goals:

Set proper goals that you want your child to learn. Which subjects will he study, Which sports will he participate in? , Which extracurricular activities to practice? , etc. So, once your goals are set, then schedule them either weekly or monthly. Make a proper timetable and strictly follow it.


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Advantages :

• Homeschooling is applicable to different children differently. You can modify the teaching methods according to your child’s needs. Children with special needs or those who are behind learn under dissimilar teaching methods.
• You get to decide what works for your kid. Curriculum, extracurricular activities, schedule, etc. is according to your child’s needs.

• Homeschooling effectively helps your child develop skills that are sometimes neglected by schools. You can incorporate creativity, skill, passion, and knowledge all at once in your child’s day-to-day learning. You can work on strengths and build your child’s confidence rather than pinpointing his weakness.
• Your children could enter college with a homeschooling transcript easily. Extra homework and busy schedules is not a burden for them. Hence, it gives them enough time to prepare.
• Homeschooling leads to improvement in mental health in a healthy learning environment. Therefore, this leads to a good performance of your child.


The disadvantages are as follow;

• It can become difficult to be around your child throughout the day. Often children become uneasy and disobedient.
• Moreover, expenditure on books and other educational necessities might be high.
• Engaging with homeschooling groups regularly and solving different issues when you are confused. Also, finding out the best and up-to-date curriculum and activities for your child could become a tedious task.
• Finding friends for your children for socializing is tough sometimes.
• If a parent gets sick, some of the tasks scheduled may be canceled.


Every parent knows what is best for their child. Be it traditional school or homeschool, a child’s learning journey is the most important part of his life. On the contrary, homeschooling can give parents the freedom to create an environment for their children which they think is best for them. Moreover, with the ongoing pandemic, homeschooling can be most effective as compared to the online education system practiced by traditional schools these days. All you need is the right techniques and tools to give your child the best homeschooling experience.

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