Magic Spoon Cereal Has The Answer To Everything

Magic Spoon Cereal Has The Answer To Everything

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My story of eating Magic Spoon Cereal started when I began working from home during the quarantine period, and the most challenging thing for me was deciding what to eat early in the morning. I know you must be on the same page as me when it comes to having delicious cereals. Every morning as a kid I least have to care about what to eat and what not to. As I grew older, it got complicated to decide what to eat. I found my right morning partner this year. Yeah, that’s right! Magic Spoon for me has been a lifesaver.

Now you must be curious about what is Magic Spoon Cereal? Compared to traditional cereal brands, it has the most social media following. It’s a trendy cereal brand of this age. Protein-packed cereal with lots of benefits for your health. I was always on a hunt for the ideal cereal which balances both the taste as well as the protein intake. Magic Spoon Cereal eliminates the idea of cereals made just for the kids. I never really consider good taste as the only thing to look for in a bowl of cereal but also its nutrition.

Magic Spoon Cereal comes in a bunch of different flavors. You can enjoy the flavors like fruity, cocoa, blueberry, and frosted. In addition to that, there’s also a nutty pack that features the newest offerings of the brand; peanut butter and honey nut.

Is Magic Spoon Cereal the right fit?

So, I was convinced in buying the cereal when I first saw the Magic Spoon video ad on Facebook. After checking out their website and social media following, I was keen to order the cereal right away. Fast forward to when I received the package, I quickly poured milk and the cereal into the bowl. However, my expectations weren’t high as I thought they may not be good in taste or soggy instead of being crunchier. The first bite changed everything. Yes, it did!

Magic Spoon cereal’s cocoa flavor was so delicious. Moreover, it was crunchier than the regular cereals I used to eat back in my childhood days. So, I vouch for Magic Spoon cereals when it comes to taste, crunchiness, and nutritional value. All the different types of cereals I have eaten in my life failed one real test. How long can I go without getting hungry after eating cereal?

Turns out on average I used to feel hunger pangs after 2 hours of eating cereals which was the main issue. So, I put Magic Spoon’s Cocoa Flavor pack in a real test. I ate the cereal at 10 pm with plain milk unsweetened and two servings of cereal. I was expecting to get hungry after just 2 hours but turns out that I didn’t feel hungry till 1 pm which was quite impressive.


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Is Magic Spoon Cereal healthy?

I will surely agree with the fact that Magic Spoon’s cereals are healthy. With all the nutritional information listed on the pack, you’ll find 110 calories in most of the cereals of Magic Spoon. 4.5 grams of fat, 11 grams of protein, and per ¾ cup serving 0 grams of sugar.

If you now look into each information, you’ll notice a high-level protein intake. You get to have a low-calorie meal, healthy fat, and little to no added sugar. I always look for an expert’s advice before buying cereals and I am sure you do too. So, according to a principal dietitian at Greenhouse; Makayla Meixner.

Magic Spoon cereals have a high amount of protein which is beneficial for health and the body. Moreover, 0 added sugar in the cereals but the question is how the cereal is sweetened if sugar is not used. Well, you should know that Magic Spoon’s sweetness is the natural blend of monk fruit extract, steviol glycosides, and allulose.

Keto-Friendly Cereal?

I was surprised to learn about Magic Spoon having little to no added sugar. The natural extracts behind the sweetness of the cereal have no impact on sugar levels or calories. If you are someone who is diet conscious or looks after the nutrients he/she is consuming. Your best buy is surely Magic Spoon.

In addition to that, you can add milk which will increase the protein intake more and creates a cereal base. Not just that, it gives you the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. You can witness the popularity of Magic Spoon cereals as adults get to eat cereals without any complexity.

You get to have controlled calories, rich protein cereals as well as lots of flavors to enjoy. I have tried almost all of them and they are all equally good. I do prefer the nutty cereal pack with peanut butter flavor.

Journey of Magic Spoon Cereal:
When I first checked out the official website of Magic Spoon, the joyful outlook of it engaged me. Magic Spoon’s co-founder Gabi and Grey are the faces behind this amazing brand. Like you and me they have both are lovers of cereals since their school days.

What convinced them to start this brand was the unavailability of cereals for the adult age group rather than just for the kids. And so after experimenting with different ideas, they came up with Magic Spoon. One of a kind and offers a variety of cereal flavors.


I finally found my missing morning meal partner. Now, that I have found Magic Spoon, it feels great knowing it doesn’t take a lot for me to wake up and within seconds I get to eat my cereal.

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