7 sites that will make you fall in love with glamping and a hot tub

7 sites that will make you fall in love with glamping and a hot tub

The article exposes some of the most beautiful sites for glamping that have luxuries like hot tubs and much more.

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When people say they want to go camping but also don’t want to leave the comfort of home, the solution is probably going Glamping or luxury camping. However, what’s most comforting is the addition of other luxuries you also cannot find at home. Glamping with a hot tub is like finding the perfect escape from reality in order to relax.

After a long day out hiking or exploring the suburbs, the ultimate method of calming your nerves just seems to sit in a bubbling hot tub. Enjoy the luxury of a hot tub in the open air or while admiring the gleaming night sky. The following state some of the best places to visit if you want to go for glamping with a hot tub.

1. Bramble, Cornwall

These are three shepherd huts located on the side of the beautiful town of Wadebridge. The huts are a just a walking distance away through the Camel trail walking track into the main town. The huts overlook the countryside views and provide the perfect getaway for couples seeking a retreat.

Furthermore, the shepherd huts provide a wide range of amenities in a small hut featuring modern supplies. The highlight of the place is the private glamping hot tub located on the sitting area. this The site has a small accommodation but carries a huge package of comfort for a small price.

2. Cozy under Canvas, Mid Wales

This site has several spots that are hidden from each other by a thick veil of trees. This is perfect for someone who wants to be closest to nature. The geodesic canvas tents that have king size beds and are beautifully furnished have the grand accommodation you would expect for comfort.

The tents are located in pitches that offer their own private wood burning stoves and wood fired glamping hot tubs that overlook the surrounding wildflower fields. In addition, the geodesic tents have a transparent side that allows you to lay in bed and just admire the tranquility. The hot tub is just the perfect way to hang lose after those hardworking weeks you put in.

3. Lodge on a lake, South Wales

One of the most soothing things to do is hear the subtle rush of the water in a lake. What’s more comforting is indulging in this activity while you yourself sit in the bubbling hot tub on the patio with something to drink.

Furthermore, these secluded glamping lodges are the epitome of extravagance with a state-of-art kitchen, a cozy king size bed and a patio that touches the lake. It would be breath taking to view the sunset or sunrise as you marinade in the bubbling hot tub.

4. The secret Garden, Lancashire

Oddly enough, if you are looking for a glamping experience but don’t want to go too far off from your town, this little garden is suitable. The main vacation spot is the glamping pod. However, the highlight are the outdoor facilities that are located in the secret garden. The super lavish facilities include a sauna, a spa and a hot tub for the guests staying at the pod.


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5. Celtic Escapes, Narberth

When you indulge in luxury, most would consider it to be expensive but that is not necessarily true. At the bluebell glamping site, the rates are reasonable when you think about the amenities being offered. This glamping pod is the perfect little spot for your retreat, offering some privacy and solitude form the bustle of the city.

The studio pod has been designed with contemporary style in mind. In addition it has a beautiful glass door that allows you to overlook the fields ahead or move out onto the deck that has a sunken hot tub. For someone who wants an authentic opulent experience, this is ideal.

6. Melin Mabes, Pembroke shire

This Glamping site has multiple accommodations to choose from based on your preference. Interestingly enough, one of the best for an genuine outdoor experience is the Templar Treehouse. It has a double bed that accommodates 2 adults and a mezzanine floor for additional family members.

The bathrooms are equipped with state of the art facilities and floor heating. Furthermore, the treehouse has a fire pit, full kitchen and a private hot tub. Toiletries and other essential are provided to the guests consequently, giving the feeling of being in a hotel. The location is a wonderland for the adventurer due to the nearby theme parks, restaurants and various trails and sites waiting to be explored.

7. Camp Katur, North Yorkshire

All accommodations are unique and can be booked depending on your glamping needs. While some offer fewer luxuries, because of which you have to take a few things from home. Other accommodation has the complete extravagance you would expect.

Rent the luxury geodomes on Chestnut Hill if you want to enjoy the stars at night after relaxing in your private hot tub. Furthermore, they have their private bathroom and kitchen as well. If you truly want to relax in the bubbles of a hot tub, then chestnut hill is the right choice for you.

These are just some of the best places to visit if you intend to go glamping in UK. These sites offer the ultimate luxury camping experience that will make you want to go again. You want to take a vacation but don’t intend to take part in adrenaline inducing adventures. Rather, you simply want to take it easy, then going glamping with hot tub is ideal. Moreover, it is just soothing to find your self in the hot tub after an eventful day. Understand Glamping in depth in our previous article.
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