The Delicious Birria Tacos: Reasons for Fame

The Delicious Birria Tacos: Reasons for Fame

Bringing you the grounds upon which the birria taco’s popularity and adoration is based on! We all love Mexican food and who doesn’t love a good taco!

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For those of you who don’t know, birria is a traditional Mexican dish. It’s a rich and flavorful meat stew that is made with beef and Mexican chilies. Some say it’s a combination of goat meat with Mexican spices.

In short, it is a traditional stew that is absolutely popular nowadays because of its tacos. This dish is originally made with goat meat. However, it can also be made with beef, veal, lamb or pork. It’s usually served as a stew but its fame is because it is used as a taco’s filling.

About Birria tacos

Birria stew and the tacos even are prepared, more or less, using the following ingredients:

  • Different salsas
  • Freshly chopped onions
  • Lime
  • Shredded cabbage
  • Cilantro

These are most commonly used although recipes have started to differ a little.

Why is it Famous?

1. Hype for Birria Tacos

To quote a New York Times article “With infinite variations, the regional Mexican stew is now a TikTok and Instagram star in Los Angeles and beyond”, only shows how famous it is in the United States. Sometimes when people are excited enough and word spreads, others want to try it since everyone else is. Nowadays, the medium is social media rather than word of mouth.

2. The Power of Social Media

Images of the dish are not only aesthetic but delicious. People fantasize of the cheese being pulled as most pizza commercials show it to be. Tacos half dipped in a meaty broth are a delicious sight too. Furthermore, they take images of their tasty experiences to share on to social media.

This birthed the endless obsession with birria in the form of waffles, pizza, fries, tortellini and who knows what! Cooking videos with birria as the subject became regular on TikTok as well as YouTube. There’s probably someone out there preaching their version or birria or what they consider the authentic recipe.

Various forms of social media have started gaining content regarding this tongue dropping dish. The point is that birria tacos are famous!

Birria Taco dipped in stew

3. Birria tacos Taste Divine

Although I have yet to try this incredible appetizing dish, people have found it absolutely delicious. They cannot get enough and honestly, you don’t really need to taste one to know that. The images of tacos drenched in the meat sauce are enough to make your mouth water.

4. Taco Obsession

Also, tacos are so “in” right now. Everyone’s obsessed with it which may as well be a sign saying IT’S TRENDING! Mexican food was always a cuisine of interest in America but lately, it’s been different. People have taken a greater interest in it. Mexican street food intrigues them. This has also fueled the Mexican taco’s popularity.

5. Role of Documentaries and Shows

The release of several videos in the form of documentaries and T.V shows helped boost birria tacos too. Since the topics of these were solely based on tacos, it grasped people’s attention from here too. This includes Netflix’s Taco Chronicles and Ugly Delicious: Tacos.

These videos are interesting to foodies but they also explain the history and culture behind tacos. This includes the styles of tacos and more. Birria tacos are also a relevant topic.

Birria tacos in a bowl

Places to Turn to

Looking for the best places to try out birria tacos? Alas! There are plenty of places in the United States. Where, you ask? The answer is in the remarkable states of Los Angeles, Georgia and Texas especially.

1. Los Angeles

In 2015, Oscar Gonzales started Birrieria Los Gonzalez. The aim was to serve his family’s beef birria tacos to the people of Los Angeles. He has expanded and now has five different food truck locations. For more information, check out the Birrieria Los Gonzales instagram page.

2. Georgia

Chris and Michele Sedgwick founded Pure Taqueria which specializes in authentic Mexican dishes. Their restaurant has five other locations in the Atlanta region now. They are renowned for making a delicious braised leg birria taco. The Pre Taqueria website has more information.

3. Texas

Birrieria Aguinaga is held up to a high standard in Texas. It is known for its Plato de Birria. This is a lamb stew. Furthermore, Consume con Birria is also worth trying. It is the same as Plato de Birria, but with a red broth. Both are undeniably delicious, and fun to have with friends. Want to know more? Check out the Birrieria Aguinaga website.


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Taste and Influence

How does one describe the taste? A good birria is a heavenly mixture of wonderful flavors in each and every bite. Broth or stews are the taco’s side dish. It serves as a sauce. Additionally, it is because of its deliciousness and aesthetic that people are so fond of it. It has a perfect mix of the following seasonings that should convince you this is a fare worth trying:

  • Savory
  • Sweet
  • Spicy
  • Earthy
  • Smoky

This internet sensation has expanded far and wide bringing along some changes in the recipe. The dish comprised of goat meet traditionally. However, beef became a substitute in other areas. It conquered hearts and stomachs in Los Angeles and then New York. Its influence spreads.


Birria and its tacos have a come a long way. They started out as traditional dishes, but let’s face it. The pandemic brought a lot of change, and many people turned to cooking and baking. Thus, food trends are greater and more popular than ever. And what’s life without a mouthwatering taco?

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