5 Stunning Places for Treehouse Glamping and Why People Love them

Wilderness is not a luxury, but a necessity for the human spirit

Khadeeja Naveed

Sometimes a vacation is much more than just a time to relax. Witness the dreams and fantasies of your childhood become reality as you step into these dreamy treehouses for glamping. Whether or not a treehouse was built for you as a child, it was once everyone’s desire to climb up top into a secluded spot where you could escape the entire world.

With glamping as the next big trend, there are now a variety of accommodations for a better experience. Treehouse glamping is the best way to find yourself amidst nature. There’s just something exceptional about watching everything from above the ground.

These glamping treehouses are not your average structures. The treehouses have a contemporary and sophisticated design that is meant to provide the comfort and leisure of a hotel. Following are some of the most unusual but worthy treehouses that wouldn’t just be nostalgic, rather a step up from what your inner child would like.

1. Sky Den, Northumberland

Have you ever wondered how beautiful the starry skies are outside but you just don’t want to leave your cozy bed. What else is a glamping vacation if not having your weirdest desires come true. The sky den is a small tree house with a contemporary design that also permits complete connectivity with nature.

However, the star aspect of this treehouse is the opening rooftop. Touch the skies in the starry night while you lie down in the main lounge, by simply opening the rooftop.


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2. Tree Hoose, Scotland

Nestled in the Scottish highlands, this treehouse has the wonders you may not have even imagined of. The modern Scandinavian design is located on the hillside with a marvelous view to enjoy. The panoramic windows are especially for you to enjoy those breathtaking views of the mountains and the lake.

In addition, the treehouse holds a cozy little lounge, a modern kitchen, king size bed with a snug bathroom. The novel design and the location itself is perfect to lose yourself in the reflection of the starry skies in the lake.

3. Kent Cottage Holidays, Canterbury

This site, the Kent Cottages, offers a particularly wider variety of accommodations. There are two to three different glamping treehouses. The enchanted faraway treehouse, as the name claims has a stunning view of the sky to offer through the huge skylight.

Furthermore, the treehouse has a cooking area with a wood burner. Moreover, you can find yourself forgetting all your troubles over the private garden equipped with an outdoor shower and a hot tub, just for you. The treehouses have everything you could ask for in one place.

4. 7th Room, Norrbotten

This is a huge leap from the traditional treehouses of previously stated locations. This particular treehouse glamping site is a subtle combination of minimalistic and Scandinavian design.

As we proceed, the treehouse is a stunning structure standing in stark contract to it’s environment. When you ascend the stairs towards the clouds, the stunning view of the river takes your breath away.

Furthermore, the 7th room treehouse has panoramic windows surrounding it and skylights in the bedrooms. The real catch is the patio that is mainly a giant net with a tree sprouting in the center. Lie down as you wish on the net to feel yourself flying or to admire the skies and views in front of you.

In addition to sleeping in the cozy double king size beds and the modern bathrooms, you have the option of sleeping outside on the net.

5. Pella Roca Cabane, Southwest France

In the rural country land of France, there are three treehouses made to be ecofriendly and sustainable. These minimalist style treehouse host a studio space for living with a private sauna and spa on the terrace. this treehouse glamping offers a lavish hot tub for you as well.

The three treehouses for glamping are spaced in such a way as to ensure complete privacy and has a communal swimming pool for the guests in each treehouse. The most interesting thing is that this is the best treehouse glamping site, if you are looking to go off the grid for a while.

Consequentially, this comfy glamping space has no Wi-Fi or internet. As a result, take a breather from everything and indulge yourself in the nature and while enjoying modern facilities.

What glamping is and which accommodations might suit you are a separate matter. However, if you are looking for is a way to reconnect with your childhood memories; relax in harmony while enjoying some privacy with your family then treehouse glamping at these places is the best choice for you.

Some of these treehouse glamping sites are the embodiment of luxury and it is more than just a king size bed or bathrooms. Glamping with hot tub has become a huge trend these days, with the leisure of sitting in the bubbling hot water. Thus, glamping treehouses with these hot tub and sauna like plush amenities are the jackpot.

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