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How Do You Choose The Best Pique Tea?

Health and Fitness are an essential part of your life, enhancing your lifestyle in the right direction.

Khubaib Rizwan

We all love trying out trendy stuff, right? You will love to know about Pique Tea then. The tea supports health-related factors like calmness, health, and fasting. It is recommended by doctors as well. Without any compromise to nutrients or flavors, pique tea provides you with the best way to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup’s health benefits and pure flavors. Cold-brew crystallization is the process at the high potential which preserves active compounds.

You can find high-quality ingredients in Pique Tea especially herbs. The ingredients are the main selling point of this Tea. For heavy metals, toxic mold, and pesticides. Tea undergoes triple toxin screening. I was hesitant to purchase strictly because of hype and price but it lived up to the hype. This tea is delicious and is perfectly portable. The only negative for me is that sometimes it doesn’t mix as well as it should in colder water. Not convenient in a restaurant but if it’s in a water bottle just give it a vigorous shake and it will all dissolve.


In 2014, Simon Cheng founded Pique Tea.Inc with the passion to innovate. He is a tea-loving entrepreneur who greatly respected the tradition of tea over the centuries and its influence. Tea is free from sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Simon Cheng says that since the invention of teabag, Tea crystals are the biggest innovation in tea.

The founder of Pique Tea says that he and his team are on a mission to make this power tea available to everyone so they can enjoy the exceptional tea at an instant without even stirring, steeping, or brewing. You can enjoy the 4 tea flavors collection which includes, Mint Sencha, Earl Grey, Jasmine, and English Breakfast.

What exactly is Pique Tea Crystal?

Like an instant coffee, I thought it probably is the same thing but it is very different from it. The first phase is the cold brewing of herbs and organic tea leaves for up to 8 hours. This brewing technique extracts phytonutrients and antioxidants including 12x other tea’s antioxidants. Pretty cool, right?

The water is simply separated from the extract and then you have the Pique Tea crystals on your hands.

Learn how to use it:

Take 8 ounces of hot or cold water in a glass, when you have the Pique Tea crystals in your hands. Dissolve the one package content in the water as green tea dissolves in either of the two water temperatures. For the herbal and black teas, you have to add more water so that it can be dissolved.


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Pros and Cons of Pique Tea:

Let’s dive into the pros first. Pique Tea is endorsed by doctors so it’s a certified health tea. It comes with many delicious flavors which I have mentioned before. Specific products are available for your weight loss goals. Methods of extraction are used to produce Pique Tea crystals and have powerful positive consumer review backing. It also assists you with immunity, sleep and, energy.

The expensive pricing of Pique Tea is a con of this product. Though, it offers a great deal of quality with natural ingredients and extracts. You won’t find flaws in the tea or in any flavor itself. Only after the second delivery, you can cancel your subscription once you have signed up for it.

Tea Lover GIFT’s Edition:

“Ode to Tea” box was a limited-time gift surprise being offered by Pique Tea.Inc for the tea lovers. The box contained different things like a glass beaker, quick start guide, 8 tea crystals flavor, Ode to Tea booklet, and much more. This was a great success for the tea as it sold out quickly and was loved by everyone.

How much caffeine is added to Pique Tea? So, the caffeine present in the tea varies from flavor to flavor. The back of the box tells you the exact amount present.

Advantages of Pique Tea Crystals:

You can always expect consistency in the flavor of the tea. Moreover, oversteeping doesn’t make the tea bitter and gives you the same taste that you expect from it. It’s 100% organic, you can find the ingredients and their origins from Sri Lanka, Kagoshima, Mogan National Park, etc. You can have an energizing morning wake-up drink.

It has never been more convenient than having Pique Tea crystals with you everywhere. You can carry the crystal pouches in your purse or anywhere else. All you have to do is pour cold or hot water into a glass and dissolve the crystals into it. Pique Tea is also a great getaway from missing a day’s meal especially when you are doing intermittent fasting.

This way it promotes your weight-loss routine and helps you escape breakfast or dinner meals. Having flavorful tea unlike black coffee or water is the best option you can go for. Just like we got to know about the trend of a magic spoon,


You can expect premium pricing rates for the tea but high quality is ensured. Recommendations from doctors make it more reliable and trustworthy. It promotes your immunity, weight loss, and much more. You can find so many positive responses from customers and their satisfaction reviews.

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