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BPP is a private university located in the United Kingdom. It has approximately 15000 students across 8 locations across England, and around online. In 2007 they achieved a historical feat of becoming the first privately owned company in the United Kingdom to be able to award degrees.
Doing so required them to make a detailed application to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, which acted on behalf of the students. The approach at BPP is highly novel– with education that is academically diligent, but also practically applied.
In 2020, BPP achieved taught degree awarding powers (TDAP), under the Office For Students new regulatory framework. This acknowledged the university as a developed higher education institution.


In order to achieve their success, BPP needed to figure out a way to test their quality of service. They required a way to test students effectively as well as test their academic standard. These academic tests would serve as data for their application to the Quality Assurance Agency. There needed to be a way to examine the students on different levels, based on different aspects, in  order to provide them with rich enough data for their application.

 BPP needed help in certain other facets. They required help in copywriting, for their advertising and marketing. They required a way in which they could generate brand awareness and get people interested in their services. Furthermore, there were issues regarding journal writing that needed addressing and fixed. BPP needed a solid business plan, and they required help in business plan formulation.

One major issue that needed addressing was the academic writing overal. Considering that they were branding themselves as a university, and were trying hard to reach their goal of achieving TDAP, they needed proof of their academic competence as an institute. In order to fullfill the basics and to give themselves an edge they required skilled academic writing.

Lastly, it was noted that blog writing was also something they wanted to set their focus towards in order to help them in marketing themselves.

How did we fix it?

ShobiSolutions was contacted by BPP in order to help them with certain issues they were  facing that were hindering them in achieving their goals. There are a number of ways ShobiSolutions found ways to improve BPP’s business.


As previously stated, BPP required data on their academic level, standard, and the students that they enroll, in order to provide the Quality Assurance Agency with a comprehensive application. ShobiSolutions aided in doing so by setting a number of tests, called BIPs, which were to be taken by the students. There were a total of 10 BIPs. Of it, 6 were of a single type, in which the students were successful, and the rest 4 of which were aimed towards Business Formulation and Business Idea, in which each student landed an A grade.


 ShobiSolutions also helped in creating seven individual assignments, which were daily-based. The main focus of these assignments was Human Resources and Finance. These assignments were for both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. ShobiSolutions also produced Powerpoint slides to aid them.


In regards to the Copywriting issue, ShobiSolutions designed a specific style that would be synonymous with the BPP brand. Since they were trying to have an image that would reflect their academic standards, ShobiSolutions went with an equally academic style of formatting when it came to copywriting. This included making sure that the writings were clear, and were not easily misunderstood. Journal writing was also carried out by ShobiSolutions; they provided them with the proper formatting and content that would best suit the company. The content chosen was specific to BPP, that is it would be from sources that were verified to be reliable. Since journals are important to universities, it was made sure that this job was properly taken care of, with a specific focus on citations and formatting the citations.


The business plan formulation was also carried out by ShobiSolutions. They helped in streamlining all the visions of the university’s heads. They helped in clearly illustrating the business objectives of BPP, as well as their longterm goals as a company. Defining the goals made it clear to BPP on what they should do. It also helped them get funding and investments to help grow them and achieve their long-term goals.


 ShobiSolutions came up with ways in which academic writing could be used strategically. Similar to journal writing, it was made sure that all writings were clear, concise, and backed up by relaible sources. Academic writing was used strategically and was made sure that none of the content discussed was never misconstrued by the readers. Since the target audience were academics, it was decided to make sure proper guidelines were followed. Other things such as blog writing was also dealt with by ShobiSolutions. Blog posts directed towards the students were generated, specifically to help them in managing academic with their personal life and managing stress. Blogs were also used to act as a medium of digitally marketing the university by providing them with an online presence.


To conclude, we can see that ShobiSolutions provided BPP with proper solutions all their issues that were hindering them from achieving their long-term and short-term goals. This can be seen by their strategical way of handling the academics by taking multiple tests, and by the multiple styles of content writing that they helped contributing towards.


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