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Team up

Team up is an incubation and acceleration platform working with young entrepreneurs and startups. Team up is also the delivery partner of the National Incubation Centre, a not-for-profit organization that provides incubator space to start-up companies, along with Jazz. It’s an organisation deeply invested in youth empowerment and providing consultancy and advisory services to the corporate and development sector. This technology Incubation Centre has taken the first step to remove the gap between academia and industries by creating a channel for tech- based entrepreneurship. Their foremost aim is to create a sustainable startup ecosystem in Pakistan which will contribute to the country’s GDP. They provide guidance, mentorship and golden opportunities to entrepreneurs who are focused on building scalable business via technology. Team up combined with NIC has supported over a hundred startups that have gone on to generate tremendous social and economic value for society by giving birth to businesses with millions of dollars as assets under management.


Though Teamup was renowned for its startup companies and commitment towards supporting Pakistani entrepreneurs, it was unsure about how to rank its website on google. Teamup wanted to update and optimise its website that had some minor issues which subsequently lead to ranking issues. Secondly, they lacked strategy for the platform. Furthermore, they did have content on their websites, but it lacked quality and failed to update existing content frequently. After reviewing Shobi Solutions Portfolio and analyzing our task record regarding on page and off page SEO, Teamup considered Shobi solutions the best fit. Thus, from June 2020 till January 2021Shobi solutions came into a contract to improve and optimize Teamup websites.

How did we fix it?

This is where Shobi made an entrance and saved the day. By analysing their situation and determining the factors that held back Teamup from being ranked on google, shobi devised a strategic plan for the website.

Adjusting speed:

The site speed was slow compared to the competitors. This discrepancy meant that the users were not what they needed fast enough, which led to them bouncing off the website. This in return drastically reduced Team up’s engagement metrics count. To resolve this issue Shobi reduced image file size, minimized videos on page and brought down https request for the website.

    Adding New content

Team up failed to publish new content regularly, which caused hindrance in google snippets. Shobi took the matter in their own hands and started publishing quality posts. Greater quality content on their website paved ways to more opportunities for google to index the site.

Satisfactory site navigation

Team up website structure was ambiguous, this led to an increased bounce rate. The increment in return alerted the search engines that this particular website is not up to mark. Shobi helped Teamup by eliminating jargons and making all navigation elements clickable links. In addition, we added a mega footer that allowed users to effortlessly navigate the site and engage visitors with quality content.

Develop keywords

Teamup’s content did not target the keywords. It was unclear to search engines what questions were Teamup answering. Thus, to resolve this issue Shobi developed a keyword search that best describes the offerings of the brand. Shobi investigated the target audience and discovered the appropriate keywords. The second step was sprinkling those keywords in the content which became a source to let google know that the following website is the premier authority in providing the right answers.

Updating Past content:

While it is important to have a regular cadence of adding new content to a website, it is also valuable to nurture past content with updates. In an ongoing process to do so for the Teamup website we started with the pages that were already receiving organic traffic and seeing the above average performance. One particular post was generating traffic due to its content but lacked updated SEO optimization that would maximize its performance. Once the post was audited, we updated the text and planned and implemented the SEO list of optimizations that would increase traffic to this post even further.


To wrap it all up, Shobi solutions was the perfect fit for Team up as it came up with solutions regarding the issues that were acting as a barrier between the brand and its ultimate goals. By assisting the rank in google with proper ON and Off page SEO, updating and adding new content, making well suitable benefits using acquisition cost, devising a best strategy for the platform and working on day to day tasks such as google analytics, kissmetrics etc, Shobi was able to optimise the website in the best way possible.

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