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January 2021 – March 2021


ICCI has representation at various Government Advisory Boards, committees, and academia. At these forums, the Chamber highlights issues of trade, industry, and services sectors and gives them recommendations for policy reforms and to take measures for promoting trading, industrial, and services sector activities by creating an environment for ease of doing business.

Was to analyze the food industry and to suggest a business strategy that lands revenue and market share.
Top tools that are used as an analyst include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO, SEM, Spss, Mailchimp, and managing supply-demand models for early startups.
1. Task lists – being able to assign and update the status of tasks so that everyone in your team is on the same page is critical
2. Schedules – many tools offer calendars, Gantt charts, or milestone tools that help you understand where a task fits into the project as a whole and how much time there is to complete it.
3. File sharing – being able to share and organize key project documents eliminates time wasted searching for files
4. Communication – this is critical in project management as a smooth flow of communication means quick and easy problem solving
5. Reporting – this is important for all team members when it comes to updating themselves on the project as a whole.
Softwares used:
A. Basecamp
B. Teamwork projects
C. Proofhub
D. Zoho Project


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