Managing Advertising Budget | Content Writing | Copywriting | Email Marketing | Drip Emails | Corporate Proposals | Run Google Ads | Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) | Captions | SEO optimized Blogs | Academic Writing

All of the content development; academic writing, optimized blogging & business proposals, and presentations.


Will manage the entire paid advertising budget and will be responsible for managing campaigns across multiple digital channels. experience managing Google Ads, Facebook, and other programmatic advertising campaigns. Know how to build search, video, remarketing, and display campaigns from scratch and optimize them over time to achieve a consistent ROI.

Would love to apply extensive creative skills (Canva Adobe) to make ads that stand out, and know how to implement a systematic approach that efficiently scales. Define the strategy, vision, and roadmap for your paid digital channels to help drive your overarching growth goals. Hit monthly/quarterly/yearly growth targets as measured by new accounts, new MRR, and brand awareness (Campaign management). Manage all of your digital ad campaigns in Google Ads, Facebook, and other programmatic channels.

Identify and test new media placements and channels while keeping up to date with industry trends, industry-related media, and paid marketing best practices. Lead ongoing development and optimization of creative, ad copy, and landing pages in collaboration with internal teams. Budget management & reporting

Manage a six-figure monthly advertising budget across multiple media channels that produce a measurable ROI. Partner with my data team to create detailed reporting for your paid marketing channels that give you the ability to optimize campaigns based on LTV/CAC (Customer lifetime value to Customer Acquisition) ratios. Will produce monthly reports that show the breakdown of our advertising initiatives and the impact they are having. Reach me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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