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We believe that the best teams are made up of different types of people who share a common goal.

Our team is a mix of strategists, writers, designers, developers, introverts, extroverts, dog lovers, and cat lovers, but we’re all brought together by a love for digital strategy. Our diversity makes us stronger, smarter, and, most importantly, more creative. We believe that the best teams are made up of different types of people who share a common goal. And this is what makes us one of the best Digital Marketing Brands in MEA, MENA, SEA regions. 

Playground for creative people.

Hi! Welcome to Shobi Solutions Creative Team. Here we help make impossible possible. Here you will see our team in their work modes.

The Brains

Wajiha Yasin


Haider Sarfaraz


Farhan Khan

Cheif executive officer

Jawad Akbar

director ofshore business

Anam Shah Zahra

human resource director

The Gang

Welcome to Shobi’s Den

Wajiha Zahra

Management trainee

Taha Sajid

Content strategist

Hi! I am Taha and i work as a digital content strategist at Shobi & Spectre. I help companies build strong content strategy along with Shobi

Sundar Kumar

Content strategist

Social Media Manager & Marketer | WordPress Developer | Video Editor | Software Engineer


Digital strategist

Hi I am SIdra! I have almost 1.5 years of work experience in social media managing, content creation, marketing.

Saleha Muzzamil

Business strategist

Safaa Khalid

content creator

Saleha Muzzamil

content writer

I am too young to say! But I help company with its content production! 

Saeeda Rashidi

content Specialist QA

I am the big shark, I tend to work as a Senior QA on content development and manage metrics!


Operations specialist

Hello I manage department of Operations with daily funds and finances at Shobi!

Rabbia Ilyas

Software engineer

I am a hard-working and creative student who loves to work in a team as well as an individual that helps me to polish my skills!

Maryam Ifthi

digital marketer

As a child, my interests often appeared uncanny to my fellow peers. While they indulged in sports, I used to be thinking about the name of the new allegory I thought would alter beliefs and convince an entire populace.

Dilawar aka LOKI

Project analyst

I am a graphic designer. my specialty is to design book covers and geometric logo designing. And as a Analyst i have to measure project metrics and the profitability ratios. I Freaking love my job.

Khubaib Rizwan

social media analyst

I’ve been working with many industry professionals throughout my educational life and learned new concepts to apply.  

Khadija Bilal

cms | CRM specialist

-Interned with organizations regarding research, content creation and web development.

Khadeeja Naveed

Technical support

Humna Bajwa

digital marketer

I am highly motivated and keen towards enhancing my acumen, technical expertise, and non-technical skills. 

Haneen Gul

human resource analyst

Gulmina Adil

business analyst

Hello! I am a Business graduate and a Marketing major who is passionate about content-writing and digital marketing. I am creative, results-driven, personal.

Anoshay Niazi

sales executive

Noted for skills in time management, accurate research and effective problem-solving. Great interpersonal communication skills.

Aimen Faisal

Junior hr recruiter

A hard working and diligent Business student. Looking forward to pursue a career in HR. Love to explore new exciting opportunities.

Zunaira Bari

Digital strategist

Love what you, do what you love!

Subhana Yasin

Digital analyst

A passionate and motivated individual with a strong focus on digital marketing, social media marketing, leadership development, and people management.

“Optimism, pessimism, fuck that; we’re going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I’m hell-bent on making it work.” -Elon Musk