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Social media has established itself as a powerful tool to reach, connect, and inform new and existing audiences. Businesses can expand their digital footprint by utilizing social networks on a paid and organic basis. Paid social media is an essential part of social media marketing that can exponentially amplify reach and drive conversions through sophisticated targeting. No matter the stage in the marketing funnel, businesses can take advantage of a diverse range of social platforms, each offering specific targeting methods and campaign objectives for optimized performance. Shobi Solutions leverages machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power campaign targeting and drive a positive return on investment (ROI). Shobi Solutions has top-level experience on the most popular networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, along with newer and even emerging networks such as Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, Quora and more!


A.I centered Marketing

Social Media Services

An established online presence is a key factor for building a relationship with your customer base. Through social media networks, brands can develop a strong digital footprint that will stand out from the competition. Organic social media promotes brand awareness and improves brand relevancy towards your audience

Content on social media platforms can be boosted to expand audience reach to viewers beyond the established followers. Promoted content can be targeted to specific audiences segments with personalized campaign messaging. Marketing strategies can vary per social media platform and content structure to drive ROI!

Brand authenticity is valued among consumers more than ever. Community management takes a brand’s voice and connects directly with their audiences. Breaking the barriers between brand and consumer is a key element for building brand relations with followers on social media.

Feed based advertising leverages intelligent technology to curate a feed of products through search engines based on the individual’s intent and previous behavior. By cultivating custom campaigns, users are more likely to view relevant products and have a high propensity to positively interact with the ad.

Facebook is a valuable platform for social media advertising due to its dynamic audience targeting mechanisms available for enhanced ad performance. In addition, the cost structure can be optimized for budgets of any scale. Facebook advertising is effective for both B2C, as well as B2B.

LinkedIn is a melting pot of user demographics with various industry expertise. By using advanced targeting mechanisms, brands can reach out to the right audience at the right time. LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms for B2B advertising.

Instagram is a valuable platform for social media advertising due to its dynamic audience targeting mechanisms available for enhanced ad performance. In addition, the cost structure can be optimized for budgets of any scale. Instagram advertising is effective for both B2C, as well as B2B.


What goals can I achieve with Paid Social advertising?

A common misconception about Paid Social is that it’s only effective at driving upper-funnel awareness. However, Paid Social is a dynamic channel that provides support for campaign objectives throughout the entire marketing funnel. Whether you’re looking to drive an increase in video views to promote awareness, or revenue-driving initatives to increase ROI, Paid Social can help support these goals.

Why is it important to do Social Media?

Organic Social is a great way to build brand familiarity and establish geunine connections with your userbase. Paid Social, on the other hand is a cost-effective way for brands to reach a higher volume of users amount a variety of lookalike or interest and behavioral-based audience segments. In doing so, you increase your visibility in a user’s newsfeed which leads to increased brand recognition, enhanced credibility, increased engagement and ultimately leading to increased sales.

What social media platforms should I use?

Identifying which platforms to incorporate into your marketing depends on multiple variables. Are you focused on B2B or B2C? Has your audience already been identified and the tone of your messages and egnegagement established? What are the overall objectives? Shobi Solutions can assist with identifying your target audiences and build out a strategy and budget recommendations to efficiently and cost-effectively engage with your audience in the appropriate tone.

What type of content should be posted?

Depending on the audience, the platform and the overall objects. Each platform is appealing in its own way, but strategy is required to ensure the wrong message is not shown to the wrong audience.

Does the content need to change based on the platform?

Yes. Different platforms have different aspect ratios and content best practices, so it’s recommended to cater your content to the audience and platform you’re serving your ads or organic content toward.

How do I get more followers?

While follower-growth can be an important KPI from an organic growth perspective, we strongly advise against using this as a target goal of paid social since an follower growth doesn’t ladder up to overarching business goals. Creating an effective strategy on who to target, what platform to use and the message to relay is one way to ensure you’re message resonates with an audience. I order to create engaging, follow-worthy content, use high-quality images with interesting messaging to relay the brand messages and generate connections with users.

How do I handle negative comments?

Filtering options, social media management, social listening/response. Establish a response strategy with pre-approved messaging to decrease response times.

How do you measure Social Media ROI?

Paid Social ROI is calculated by revenue devided by spend. Other KPIs aside from ROI include CTR, CPC, and CPM, depending on the campaign objective.

What is the right frequency for posting content?

The cadence in which content is posted depends on the platform and target audience (and how active they are) as well as the message the brand is trying to relay. It’s important to note that in order to increase exposure and engagement with your posts, it should be supported with paid social advertising dollars.

What should I avoid when getting started with Social Media.

Brands should aim to produce engaging content with a consistent brand voice. Lack of interaction with your audience or response to their comments will result in less brand favorability. Brands shoudl also be mindful of the number of profiles on each platform

Do Social Media handles have to be consistent?

Simple answer, yes. It is easier for the brand to promote across platforms as well as allow fans to find and tag you.

Does Social Media affect SEO?

Social Media does not affect SEO directly, however, using social media to network with influencers such as bloggers, editors and journalist increase the opportunity of them linking directly to your website in their own concent which ultimately increases SEO efforts.

Why should I incorporate Paid Social media on top of my organic social posting?

Social media platform are a pay-to-play model, which has substantially decreased the reach of organic posts over the years. Paid social allows for advanced tareting, exponentially higher reach, and th ability to select campaign objective so that your ads are optimized toward users who are most likely to take the desired action.

Should I have an editorial calendar specifically for Social Media?

Yes. An editorial calendar is the first step in bring a brand’s strategy to fruition. Understanding your distribution strategy for upcoming content allows a brand to further prepare that content to ensure the messaging is on point for the target audience.

Should all industries engage in social media?

Regardless of your industry, every company should engage in social media to ensure they have a brand presence. Shobi can assist in identifying target audiences and posting cadence to ensure you stay engaged.

Brand Growth by Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can expand a digital presence and engage the customer throughout multiple networks. The diversity of platforms and audience segmentation capabilities bring endless opportunities for brands to drive successful campaigns best suited for the specific needs of the brand and the consumer.

Shobi Solutions can develop both B2B and B2C campaigns with varying branding and conversion goals, utilizing highly tailored targeting to support specific campaign initiatives. While brands, of course, have unique needs and goals, commonly the generalized buckets of campaign objectives include building brand awareness and generating conversions. Brand awareness campaigns are aimed to enhance reach and visibility to audiences beyond the already-accumulated following on the platform. This increases exposure of the brand, introducing the brand to potential customers that are typically in the beginning stages of the sales funnel. Brand awareness campaigns can drive brand engagement and site traffic. Conversion-driving campaigns are focused on driving users down the funnel and encouraging them to take a preferred action such as make a purchase, phone call, or contact form submission. Shobi Solutions is a full funnel agency, guiding users with unique campaigns throughout every phase of their journey.

Shobi Solutions can implement social media advertising on the primary networks such as Facebook (which includes Instagram) and LinkedIn, as well as expanding into networks like TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and more! Each platform has a unique algorithm, targeting mechanisms, and campaign management tools that can maximize performance on campaigns. Paid social media continues to be one of the most dynamic and challenging advertising channels for marketers. Shobi Solutions combats this with maintaining strong relationships with the social networks to ensure brands are at the forefront of trends and opportunities. The content advertised on any social media platform must be engaging, informative and encourage further action from the viewers. Establishing a clear voice and aesthetic across all digital initiatives enables the user to have better brand recognition as well.

One of the newest social media platforms that has been increasing in popularity for younger demographics is TikTok. Shobi Solutions was one of the first agencies to advertise on the new platform. Developing innovative campaigns since its infancy, Shobi Solutions has been able to identify the best practices regarding the platform’s algorithm, targeting mechanisms, and content strategy. Advertising content on TikTok, much like many paid networks is predicated on being visible to the right users at the right time, with the right ad. Shobi Solutions compares campaigns on TikTok versus similar networks such as Snapchat and Instagram for performance testing and ongoing A/B testing.

Social media advertising can utilize a variety of platforms for brand awareness campaigns, conversion driven campaigns, and can also support other digital initiatives as well. Search engine optimization efforts can be supported by social media, for example, sharing blog posts through social networks to drive additional reach for content advertising. When working in tandem, this could drive site traffic and lead to higher engagement on the website.

Social media advertising has capabilities to benefit businesses of all sizes and budgets. Shobi Solutions experts can assist clients in finding the channels and campaign strategies that are best suited to support their objectives.


When all is said and done, performance is what matters and our team at Shobi Solutions understands that. We have compiled just a few of the many success stories that have led to a retention rate of over 95%! Check out a few. We’d be happy to talk you through the details!