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Shobi Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly technical yet critical aspect of a digital campaign that is focused on making sites relevant, visible, and easily accessible to both search engines and potential users. A website’s positioning on a search engine results page can create a significant advantage against competitors. An intelligent SEO strategy will enhance the quality of a site’s performance, identify and resolve any omni-platform inconsistencies, and strengthen the brand’s digital footprint.

Optimizing organic search (non-paid efforts) can affect how a site is prioritized by search engines when users conduct specific keyword searches. Additionally, SEO initiatives can even have a positive effect on local businesses through local listings such as Google Maps, Yelp, and other networks. Shobi SEO efforts are complementary to many other services offered at Shobi solutions and is considered a core pillar to any digital marketing campaign.

The Shobi SEO experts work closely with web developers (internal and client-owned) for optimal site usability and efficiency. Additionally, paid search advertising can be further improved by leveraging website optimizations to drive improved quality scores and lower ad costs.

While the team can take on the full management of a website’s optimization needs, Shobi SEO consulting services are also available from industry professionals with high-level experience in producing award-winning ROI and ongoing growth through departmental and organizational leadership.

On Page – Off Page – Technical Seo

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Search Engine Optimization is just that – finding methods to improve website functionality, keyword relevancy, and ultimately visibility within Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engine platforms. The SEO team at Shobi uses the best practices in the industry to drive organic growth, brand equity, and return on investment (ROI). The digital strategists at Shobi are able to enhance a site’s digital footprint from the inside-out. Through various methods, SEO can amplify the quality and quantity of traffic to a site.

Content Marketing

Content marketing ensures that content across every platform is giving consumers the information that they want and need, while being rich with relevant keywords to ensure brand exposure. Users are changing behavior more often and faster than ever and ensuring that content developed matches changing interests will assist brands stay on the forefront of user demands.

Rather than solely promoting products and services through paid media, brands should provide users content to stand out in a sea of competition and empower users to take a desired action. The Shobi SEO team integrates the unique voice of each client and can compose original content or reinforce existing content as an extension of the clients marketing efforts.

A focused strategy and engaging content can help drive lead acquisition, customer acquisition and ultimately sales. Optimizing the content on a website can enhance the visibility of the site for both search engines and users. The SEO team at Shobi Digital is able to revise existing content while also curating original content. To grow visibility, content can be placed throughout a company’s regular site content while also promoted through channels such as social media, paid search advertising, native content advertising and many other opportunities.

Voice Search

While Voice Search is still in its infancy, it is becoming more intelligent and constantly evolving. With an increase of consumers with smart speakers and several other devices with voice search capabilities, voice search is becoming more utilized than ever.
One of the many ways companies can optimize this up and coming technology is to move ahead of competitors with customizing automated responses and “skills” to answer the questions consumers are asking. Shobi can help brands predict users keyword phrasing and develop informative answers, boosting a brand’s awareness.

SEO is a diverse service that can help brands with several elements of a digital footprint. To find out more about how Shobi SEO services could benefit your company, contact us here!

On-Page Seo

Optimizing a website from the inside-out. Implementing website updates to create competitive, non-paid visibility by catering to the best search engine practices.

Off-Page Seo

Strengthening site-authority by evaluating outside sources, ensuring multi-platform consistency, and more through local listings, link building and more.

Technical Seo

Inspecting page URLs, Page speed optimization, semrush audit, structured data markup, merkle schema markup generator


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