Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes it is located in Pakistan; you can visit us here Bahria Phase 7 Commercial Midway Office #52

Yes but only to certain departments. Also depending upon the criteria mentioned in the job.

No, SHOBI doesnt work on NFTs. It only works on Blockchain and Data 3.0

Shobi is operating successfully in Pakistan (Islamabad) & New Zealand (Christchruch)

Shobi is a Digital Marketing Agency; it provides services related to, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Branding and Positioning

Yes it is part of SHOBI, Spectre is a subsidiary comany registered under the trademark of SHOBI, Spectre works on Development of CRMs, ERPs, Operation managements and developing of customized Ebooks

For development; WP, Laravel, Python, Django, React, Node, Flutter and many more

Managing data warehouses, data bases, mining, pruning, extraction.