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Yes it is located in Pakistan; you can visit us here Bahria Phase 7 Commercial Midway Office #52

Yes but only to certain departments. Also depending upon the criteria mentioned in the job.

Yes, SHOBI (spectre) does work on NFTs. It also provides services to web 3 startups

Shobi is operating successfully in Pakistan (Islamabad) & New Zealand (Christchruch)

Shobi is a Digital Marketing Agency; it provides services related to, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Branding and Positioning. Also on technical development we help web 3 startups achieve wonders as well

Yes it is part of SHOBI, Spectre is a subsidiary comany registered under the trademark of SHOBI, Spectre works on Development of CRMs, ERPs, Operation managements and development of blockchain L2E learning platform for tech developers

For development; WP, Laravel, Python, Django, React, Node, Flutter and many more

Managing data warehouses, data bases, mining, pruning, extraction.