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best marketing success stories in 2023

Shobi Solutions’s CEO Mr. Niazi Highlights the Insight Success Story

By employing cutting-edge technologies and offering cut-throat digital marketing services, Shobi Solutions has gained popularity in the IT sector. GoodFirms platform aims to highlight the complete journey of the CEO of Shobi Solutions- Mr. Shahbaz Khan Niazi

best marketing success stories in 2023

Founded in 2017, Shobi Solutions is a renowned digital marketing consulting and implementation agency that delivers services like web design & development, search engine optimization, paid media marketing, social media advertising, Amazon advertising, creative marketing and many more that can help your business to establish a robust online presence.. The company consists of fully-certified, agile, and digital specialists that employ advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide customer-oriented solutions for valued clients. One of the best product of the company that uses these emerging technologies is – Spectre is a #web3.0 application that helps businesses in effortless transition in the blockchain industry.

The passionate and dedicated team of developers utilizes data analysis to deliver incredible results to their clients. Based on accurate data analysis reports, professionals in the company design effective marketing strategies which guarantee outstanding results for the clients.

The researchers of the pioneering review platform-GoodFirms believe that the company has gained a respectable position among the top digital marketing companies in Pakistan due to its comprehensive and result-driven digital marketing business solutions.

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to discuss with the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Shahbaz Khan Niazi, and talk about his company’s services and how he expects his company moving ahead.

While inquiring about Shobi Solutions and briefly explaining his role within the organization, Mr. Niazi stated that Shobi Solutions is a Pakistan and New Zealand-based full-stack digital marketing agency that deeply understands the clients’ business requirements and serves as an extension of their internal team. Further, this privately-owned, digital boutique is accredited with PASHA in Pakistan and with NZ-TECH & NZSA in New Zealand. 

As the company’s CEO, he works as a versatile multitasker who not only manages customers but also creates a synchronous flow of knowledge from the upper level of departments to lower-departmental members. As an MBA graduate from the renowned institute – National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Islamabad, he holds expertise in managing operations, digital marketing, and data analysis to form strong customer stakeholder relationships among valuable investors and customers.

The Success Story of Shobi Solutions

Mr.Niazi recollects that the Shobi is a result of all the experiences and struggles that he faced during his childhood days. He and Mr.Haider (developer) thought of creating their venture in the heart of Pakistan so they founded Shobi in 2017. Mr.Haider was interested in creating a user experience and interface and Mr.Niazi holds a passion for selling and developing business so both merged their talent and came up with an abomination. Shobi was established to deliver one-stop solutions to start-ups in the creator’s economy and provide unique business solutions to B2B and C2C businesses. 

Further, the CEO elaborated that Shobi Solutions was founded at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences as a basic freelancing website based in Twin Cities in Islamabad. During that time, Shobi Solutions was named Spectre Digi-Techs where team members used to create eBooks and sell them employing affiliate marketing in Germany, Spain, France, and Sweden. Interestingly! The team possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, consequently, every individual effort is combined to form a virtual world.

The CEO further added that during Covid-19 in July, most of the institutes were looking for online agencies to help them with exams, assignments, and semester projects. As a result, Shobi came up with its marketing and content writing team. In Pakistan, Shobi is part of PASHA, NZ-TECH, PSEB, and ICCI.

Type of Business Model 

When enquired about the company’s business model, Mr. Niazi stated that Shobi Solutions is a service-based agency having clients working with their respected associates. The company formed its in-house team and partnered with third-party business vendors along with specialists with multiple talents. They possess a competitive team of 24 people who contribute to the betterment of society. 

Distinguishing Factors 

GoodFirms team questioned Mr.Niazi about how his company is different from the competition, the CEO replied that the USP(Unique selling proposition) is the location and pricing strategy and the company offers free of cost market plan and market analysis. Further, the company runs its training program free of cost and the pricing packages are indeed negotiable. The clients get strong customer support 24/7 that helps in resolving their issues productively.  

Industries have taken care of 

When talked to Mr. Niazi regarding industries they generally cater to, he expressed that the company works within the web3 industry where investors and stakeholders are funding finances. The team of experts strives hard to eradicate the barriers for builders who build the future of the web. The professionals make supportable, effective, and well-organized business models.  

Moreover, the customers of Shobi are repetitive and 25% is their customer retention rate. Remarkably, the repetitive customers get multiple discounts and experience access to premium functions. The main clients are based in the EU, UK, US, and Australia and connect with the company on a regular basis.

Additionally, the premium services of this full-stack digital marketing company are SEO (off and technical), email marketing (email optimization), backlinking analysis that includes competitor analyses, duplicate content check, META optimization, and content writing that includes blog posting, Facebook ads, social media ads, and Google ads.

Customer Satisfaction Rate 

In knowing about the customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Niazi specified that 75% and 25% was the customer satisfaction rate and repetitive rate respectively in the year 2021-2022. The skilled team members measure customer satisfaction rates in the following manner:

The team uses a 7-point likert scale to measure customer satisfaction rate.
With online retro, the team understands the clients in a better way.
The professionals perform online surveys where they send invites to the clients to join the retro. In retro, the team conducts the online meetup with the clients in which they ask questions to the valuable clients. Finally, the team fills the survey with the suggestions and opinions of the customers.

Besides, the company’s support system is managed by AI chatbots that answer 100% of queries and efficiently address them by employing AI features. The majority of issues are addressed with the help of this new accelerated adoption. The issues that are not addressed are then automatically scheduled in the calendar and then the customer support associate reaches them effortlessly without fail.  

The review mentioned below highlights that Shobi offers high-quality business solutions to clients and believes in making a strong relationship with customers by following a customer-centric approach.  

best marketing services
Best Marketing Services in 2023

Cost-Effective and Flexible Payment Structure 

While knowing about the payment structure, the CEO clarified that most of the projects are budgeted on a fixed-cost basis which is apt for businesses that prefer subscriptions on a monthly basis. Further, the experienced team members manage costs based on milestones and features. Clients who are working on a monthly basis get suitable packages along with scheduled price packages that are customizable according to their requirements.

Moreover, the team members aim to help clients’ businesses sincerely and focus on the idea that resonates with the clients’ business goals. The company carries the notion of valuing time, quality, and money and ensuring that the clients’ valuable money and time are both multiplied by the majority of requirements. 

In 2021, the company catered the projects ranging from $5,000 to $10,000. The team worked with startups or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stages. The main target of the company is to enable business owners to get custom packages tailored to their business requirements. 

While concluding the interview, team GoodFirms eagerly asked where Mr. Niazi anticipates his company in a decade, he pleasingly answered that in the future his company will be launching an IPO (Initial Public Offering) with a strong customer base and acquisition cost. 

To explore more about the hi-tech and ongoing thoughts of Shobi Solutions CEO, Mr. Niazi, you can go through the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site. 

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